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  1. What’s New at ArtsEtc: IndyList, Blogs, NIFCA Winning Words, Comics, & More

    Hi, everyone, This year feels like it’s going down harder and faster than usual.  Maybe for those of us in the region and its outer reaches, that has had something to do with the passing of storms and the sense of urgency they have left in their wake—to recover, to be thankful, to live.  For […]

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  2. “Class-ism within the Democratic Labour Party” (Part 2)

    MP of St James North Edmund Hinkson spoke at the monthly gathering of the Women’s League of the Barbados Labour Party. He looked at “Elitism within the Democratic Labour Party” The meeting unfolded Sunday 10th September 2017 at BLP Headquarters, on Roebuck Street, in the City…

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  3. Lazaro Jackson Wins the Central Bank’s SWSML Schools’ Essay Competition

    Lazaro Jackson, a 17 year old student of the Barbados Community College, copped first prize in the Sir Winston Scott Memorial Lecture Schools’ Essay Competition. His win was announced during the eponymous lecture last Monday, November 28. Writing on the topic “What is the meaning of Independence to Barbados? What have we achieved? What should […]

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  4. Students Rewarded for Good Works in the season of Joy!

    The Joy to Your World Essay Contest winners were announced at Searocks Dome ahead of a concert featuring Nikita and the Leacock Family Singers. Student Jordan won top prize which included a $500 Scotiabank account, a tablet donated from Courts and a Chefette birthday party. In an excerpt from his essay Jordan said; “I love […]

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  5. CARICOM Is Out of Political Alignment with Trumpism

    Excerpts of a presentation by Vice-Chancellor of The University of the West Indies, Professor Sir Hilary Beckles at a Forum at The UWI Regional Headquarters on November 9, 2016, titled “The Caribbean Say on USA Today“ The seismic but surely predictable shift in the political narrative of the USA presidential elections has thrown Caribbean-USA relationships […]

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  6. “The Tao of Bill Murray” by Gavin Edwards September 26, 2016Books, Video GalleryNo comments
  7. “IMF: Light up its darker crannies” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF), which has tormented small Caribbean economies for five decades with austerity measures and fierce conditionalities, has been exposed as adopting utterly different standards towards Europe, especially the countries of the European Currency Union. That is except for Greece which, throughout its economic crisis, the IMF treated like a third-world country. […]

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  8. “Donald Trump – the lie of ‘truthful hyperbole'” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    For anyone following the US Presidential campaigns, it has been a volatile voyage with great uncertainty about whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will eventually emerge triumphant. We still aren’t into the season of direct debates between the two and the unleashing of their denigration of each other, although throughout the primaries we had a […]

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  9. “Don’t Blush, Baby!” – Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Sexual harassment is a form of workplace bullying. Workplace bullying is verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by an employer, employee, colleague (or manager), or another person or group of people at work. Workplace bullying can happen in any type of workplace, from offices to shops, cafes, restaurants, workshops, community groups and government organisations. According […]

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  10. “If Education is the Cure for Poverty, then How do we Make the Antidote?” By: Brad L. Brasseur

    The United Nations recently claimed that the Millennium Development Goal that focused on primary education increased global enrolment from 83% to 91%. Despite these gains, today it is estimated that 124 million children do not attend school and 757 million adults are illiterate. The nearly one billion people without a proper education is distressing as […]

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  11. “CARICOM: A collective bargaining unit for rights” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    The Caribbean regional integration project is often described and criticised almost entirely on the uneven benefits of trade to member countries. But, important as it is, there is more to the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) than trade. While the failure to progress the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME) is a cause for […]

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  12. Grenadian Art in TRIO Biennale Rio de Janeiro

    Following the monumental stride made by Grenada’s first appearance at the Biennale di Venezia, artists Susan Mains and son Asher Mains have been chosen for the Trio Bienal, an international art exhibit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Beginning on September 5th and continuing until November 26th, 2015, this exhibition will display an international array of three […]

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  13. “Of China’s devalued currency, blood and windfalls” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Republican US Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, sees ‘blood‘ everywhere. Unhappy and irritated by a question put to him by a female Fox News TV journalist during a debate between several Republican aspirants for the White House, he notoriously said she had blood coming out of her eyes and “wherever“. Now he says that the devaluation […]

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  14. “A threat smelling to high heaven – Obama whiffs it” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    It was uncanny, but reflective of thoughtful and caring minds that just days before President Barack Obama made his far-reaching statement about Climate Change on August 3, Caribbean Poet, Author and Intellectual, Ian McDonald, made a point to me that was echoed by the US President. In responding to a commentary I wrote on July […]

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  15. The Adulterous Citizen goes island-hopping: Caribbean, Europe, Asia with India’s stellar writer Tishani Doshi

    The Adulterous Citizen by Tishani Doshi, the award-winning writer from India, has already gone half way around the world since its Caribbean publication here in June 2015. House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP) launched the new book of poems, stories, and essays by Tishani Doshi at the opening ceremony of the St. Martin Book Fair, attended […]

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  16. “The IMF vision of debt and Obama’s boldness with Iran” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    The debt crisis in Greece and the historic accord to limit Iran’s nuclear capability thus lifting crippling sanctions will have global repercussions. US President Barack Obama has shown strong and courageous leadership on the Iran issue. In doing so, he has fulfilled promises on another of two prickly problems that he inherited. The first, of […]

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  17. “Gun Violence and the Caribbean Region” by Felicia Browne

    Human Rights and Peace Ambassador for the region, St Lucian Felicia Browne, has cited the urgent need for new initiatives against gun violence. “When women and youth are fatally shot with such brutality, it raises serious concerns about the effectiveness of our crime-related policies. No citizen can feel safe within areas which are ridden with […]

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  18. “The Commonwealth’s future – Part 1” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Questioning the relevance and value of the Commonwealth of Nations is nothing new – for such has occurred ever since the modern Commonwealth was created in 1949. However, doubts have intensified in recent time about the voluntary association of now 53 countries. Claims are repeatedly made that the organisation is no longer relevant or useful. […]

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  19. “Caribbean countries: Trapped?” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    A common market in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries would lead to a substantial rise in the regional exports. This is one of the findings of a new World Bank Report entitled, ‘Trade matters: New opportunities for the Caribbean‘. That statement might come as a surprise to many since CARICOM is an acronym for ‘Caribbean […]

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  20. “Working Women” by Felicia Browne

    A few weeks ago, a friend shared the good news of getting a new job. She was very excited by the idea of working with a high-end organization and making a good salary. As I congratulated her, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that my friend would likely face economic inequities in women’s […]

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  21. “Tourism competition is not a guessing game” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    The performance of only five of the 14 independent Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are recorded in the 2015 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum. Surprisingly, countries such as the Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts-Nevis, St Vincent and the Grenadines and St Lucia, which have a heavy reliance on tourism […]

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  22. Teen Suicide: Boys need help too…

    It is a tragedy for our society when any child takes his or her life. The death of 12 year old Shemar Weekes in Barbados is one more example of the many children who have committed suicide within the Caribbean region. Teen suicide is one of the major concerns for adolescents who suffer from depression […]

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  23. “The Moral Bucket List” (The Road to Character by David Brooks)

    With the wisdom, humor, curiosity, and sharp insights that have brought millions of readers to his New York Times column and his previous bestsellers, David Brooks has consistently illuminated our daily lives in surprising and original ways. In The Social Animal, he explored the neuroscience of human connection and how we can flourish together. Now, […]

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  24. “Guyanese electorate showed maturity despite intense frustration” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    In what turned-out to be a very close general election the twenty-two and a half years reign of the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) as the government of Guyana has come to an end. By a narrow margin of just over 5,000 votes it fell four and a half years short of the rule of the […]

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  25. Did Sir Hilary change tune because he was “kicked upstairs”? Or how Bajan Media make Piranhas seem ethical…

    I have seen memes which lament how a comedian is the only real journalist in USA, this was referring to Jon Stewart… Now sadly readying to relinquish his late night mantle on Comedy Central. HBO has one of his alumni doing very well, John Oliver, he has taken what seems like a joke and dealt […]

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