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  1. Barbados Water Authority Using Non-Potable Water for Clean-up

    The Barbados Water Authority will be taking a leaf out of its own guidebook by using non-potable or recycled water as the process of washing down the headquarters, stations and reservoirs which began this weekend. The BWA confirmed the power washing of these facilities will be done using only non-potable water over a staggered period […]

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  2. Difficult Conversations – Eating Meating

    The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean is predicting a 40% unemployment rate in Barbados in December 2020. To survive, many may need to learn how to make money stretch. Every evening, I eat a delightfully healthy, nutritious, and well satisfying meal with my family. I cook this meal myself, and each forkful […]

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  3. Tribute to Professor Owen Arthur, Former PM of B’dos 1994-2008

    Mr Chairman I join my colleagues from CARICOM countries in thanking you for agreeing to celebrate the life of Professor the Right Honourable Owen Arthur, former Prime Minister of Barbados. It is fitting that this meeting coincides with his funeral service now taking place in Barbados. Owen Arthur was elected by the people to serve […]

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    The Team Unity Government, led by Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, received high praises from visiting high-level International Monetary Fund (IMF) officials on the economic performance of the country. “Whatever the benchmark we used, St. Kitts and Nevis is doing well and ahead. We are very satisfied with the progress of St. Kitts and Nevis […]

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  5. Customers to enjoy better experience with MQI through new software solution

    Customers of McEnearney Quality Inc. (MQI) can look forward to improved and more responsive communications when having their vehicles serviced thanks to a new software system installed recently. MQI’s new automotive dealer management software solution will assist it in delivering an enhanced customer experience, better communication with staff and customers, as well as improved management […]

    July 22, 2015Technology1 comment

    I have been quiet for a while on the Central Bank Of Barbados (CBB) who once again issued a quarterly statement minus a media briefing, I have also ignored a book launch they just held and now they’re issuing Savings Bonds – this was, and will continue to be unless situations are redressed, deliberate… In […]

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  7. Major Rethink of Regional Airline Industry Needed

    A study commissioned by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has recommended a major rethink of the regional airline industry and for the setting up of a CARICOM Airlines Association to identify opportunities to reduce costs, create greater synergies and earn more revenue. It has also proposed the creation of an Air Transport Reform Authority to […]

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  8. Guyanese Economist while seeing benefits, has concerns over LIME’s acquisition of FLOW

    Bajans are to learn by month-end if LIME will be allowed to merge its local operations with FLOW. This was revealed by chairman of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC) Sir Neville Nicholls, who (says) the regulatory body was working on its final decision in the controversial request by Cable & Wireless, trading as LIME, and […]

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  9. Project Syndicate: ASLUND – Putin in Denial

    As 2014 came to a close, an enormous financial crisis erupted in Russia. World oil prices had fallen by almost half since mid-June, and the ruble plummeted in December, finishing the year down by a similar margin. Russia’s international reserves have fallen by $135 billion, and inflation has reached double digits. Things are only going […]

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    Barbadians will soon be paying less for petroleum products. The price of diesel will move from $2.53 to $2.23 per litre; while kerosene will now be sold at $1.27 per litre, down from $1.53 BBD. Government has a mechanism in place to adjust petroleum prices in a more timely fashion, whereby prices will be regulated […]

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  11. Barbadian Businesses Have Easier Access to Central Bank’s Financing Schemes

    The Central Bank of Barbados has amended its financing schemes to make them more easily accessible to local businesses. Effective October 1, the Bank instituted several changes to its suite of schemes that will allow, among other things, for a larger number of businesses to utilise the facilities. Small and medium sized enterprises from across […]

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    There will be no David Thompson Memorial Constituency Council Football Classic this year. According to the Ministry, it will “shortly be activating the planning for a possible 2015 football tournament“. (KRM/BGIS)

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  13. Central Bank of Barbados’ Assessment of Barbados’ Current Economic Performance: May 2014

    Dr DeLisle Worrell Adobe File HERE Audio Version HERE

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  14. Governor of Central Bank of Barbados maintains Barbados has adequate levels of ForEx

    The key to successful economic policy in small very open economies (SVOEs) like Barbados is to secure the exchange rate anchor by ensuring the country’s reserves of foreign exchange remain at an adequate level. SVOEs are price takers in international markets: they cannot increase their earnings by lowering their prices. To stay in the market […]

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  15. “The Post-Crisis Crises” by Joseph E. Stiglitz – Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2013

    In the shadow of the euro crisis and America’s fiscal cliff, it is easy to ignore the global economy’s long-term problems. But, while we focus on immediate concerns, they continue to fester, and we overlook them at our peril. Some suggest that, given the economic slowdown, we should put global warming on the backburner. On […]

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  16. (ST. LUCIA) “Bureaucratic elites have blown it!” By Melanius Alphonse

    Were they alive in Saint Lucia today, both Confucius and John Maynard Keynes would have extreme difficulty understanding our parliamentary representatives and the external powers they serve. What mindset could determine in a nearly dead economy to raise taxes by 15%,through the implementation of VAT, property taxes, service taxes, and input taxes on raw materials, […]

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  17. Christmas 2012 Message from President of BARP – Ed Bushell

    As we celebrate the birth of the Christ child, we at the Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP) extend to our many members and friends in Barbados and the Diaspora the wish for a most blessed Christmas and a prosperous and active New Year. Caroling, Tuk Bands and “Stilt men” in the early morning, the smells emanating […]

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  18. Monster of a Report? Review of Barbados’ Economic Performance for the First Nine Months of 2012 for Hallowe’en!

    The Barbados economy continues to grapple with the challenges posed by the protracted weakness of the global recovery. The governor of the Central Bank of Barbados will field questions in his Dining Room at 11:00 am this All Hallows Eve… Both Webcast and on CBC TV8

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  19. “Hard to be Easing” by Nouriel Roubini – Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2012

    The United States Federal Reserve’s decision to undertake a third round of quantitative easing, or QE3, has raised three important questions. Will QE3 jump-start America’s anemic economic growth? Will it lead to a persistent increase in risky assets, especially in US and other global equity markets? Finally, will its effects on GDP growth and equity […]

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  20. “Diplomatically cutting costs” By Sir Ronald Sanders: Diplomatic Cutbacks?

    Small states in the Caribbean would do well to follow the pattern of Britain and Canada in pooling and sharing diplomatic missions abroad. Caribbean countries spend millions of dollars every year on individual diplomatic missions when shared missions would be far more cost effective. Money is a significant factor in the decision. The foreign services […]

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  21. Barbadian Economy reels as PM attends Brazil: United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio +20

    Over 63,000 world leaders, including Heads of States, Chief Executive Officers, and head of Civil Society Organisations are gathered in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, to discuss how to reduce poverty, whilst addressing social inequalities, and ensuring that the environment is protected, so that future generations can enjoy the same quality of life, we experience today. […]

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  22. Barbados takes longer time to recover from the global economic crisis by US Correspondent, Jack Hudson

    Almost all Caribbean countries are saddled with huge amount of debt levels and are taking a comparatively longer time to recover from the debt crisis. Despite the debt relief services in the Caribbean countries, especially the online debt consolidation program, trying its best to assist the consumers to deal with their rising debt issues, is […]

    February 16, 2011Business2 comments