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  1. Vulgaria {NSFW} “Laughter can Kill, Laughter is Lethal!” opens in US & Canada cinemas – 28/09/2012

    {Ed’s Note – I watched it, I went “Huh?” So I watch it again, then I’m like “WTF?” Play for 3rd try and sort of laugh in nervous titters, like if you see an argument between friends you shouldn’t but are amused you have} Cast: Chapman To, Dada Chan, Jim Chim, Kristal Tin, Ronald Cheng, […]

    July 14, 2012Cinema, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  2. Alternative Music Group: Halestorm – I Miss The Misery {Official Video}

    Site: Follow:

    June 25, 2012Music, Video GalleryNo comments
  3. Reality Weekends by Sunglass Hut, Bridgetown – Buzz, Tourette’s Rasta in Huge Box

    “” The #1 Barbados reality show is mainly a trendy show, combined hilarious street interviews, pranks, all types of stunts and a whole ton of reality with weekends in Barbados and other countries. We are currently embarking on the production of this programming and look forward to bringing you, the 1st season season of the […]

    February 24, 2012Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  4. 14th Annual Frank Collymore Literary Endowment Awards – Winners & Keynote

    3rd Place: Tony Kellman‘s poetry “South Eastern Stages” while 1st Place was shared between Kerry Belgrave‘s anthology of poems – “Rearranging Inner Ruins” and Austin Yearwood‘s novel – “Bottle Dance” This video contained here is the first part of a keynote address from Afro-American playwright of Bajan-Bahamian descent Lynn Nottage… Three years ago she won […]

    January 11, 2012Books, Video GalleryNo comments
  5. European Fashion Designer Armani secures Barbadian Performer for Quasi-Striptease

    Armani and Rihanna teamed up with Steven Klein to create a contemporary Film Noir short film. Shot in New York against a backdrop of garage walls and car seats, the result is both sexy, yet sophisticated.

    October 9, 2011Fashion, RihannaNo comments

    Digicel kicked off the first leg of the Digicel Kick Start Clinics 2011 at a press conference featuring Head Coach and England and Liverpool football legend, John Barnes, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. During the press conference, John Barnes revealed plans for the three day coaching clinic in which over 150 aspiring young Haitian footballers will be […]

    September 21, 2011Featured, FootballNo comments
  7. Barbadian Comedy returns: Ad Lib/The Gathering at Pablo Donte’s – soon to appear at Plantation Garden Theatre

    When a musical band have a hit on their hands, some have a tendency to stick within that particular formula to keep earning hits – crazy people like Sting or Prince will try all kinds of styles to see what happens regardless if their tune becomes a hit. While a Broadway play may have the same scenes […]

    September 2, 2011Culture, Review2 comments
  8. Go see Rihanna at Cave Hill – as if painted by Goya… {PG 13, Language and Sexual Situations} “Breadfruit & Bakes” until 29th July 2011 only?

    When last we looked at the young gal from Westbury Road, we learned how two diverse personalities felt Rihanna is hot stuff – Dr DeLisle Worrell of the Central Bank and founder of Axses Communications, John Gibbs – yet it’s the Central Bank Governor who while supportive of Rihanna recognises how she is a role model […]

    July 24, 2011RihannaNo comments
  9. Barbadians demanding Extension of Drama with HIV-warning: “I Have No Son – Rico’s Story” moves many to tears!

    Dy Browne – I hate you… You have no right making a grown man cry more than once, with the compassion you conveyed in small gestures and decisive scripting; I hate you for being such a masterful Director that a sensitive topic as AIDS and Homosexuality was not laughed at by a sold-out audience… Instead […]

    March 14, 2011Featured, Health2 comments
  10. BAJAN CUSS OUT: The Best of Barbados? WARNING – LANGUAGE, PG 13

    I saw this on Facebook and it was touted as hilarious, it has over 10-thousand hits and is from the same service I used for my Larry King and Super Hero animations to promote my Advertising services… What is worse, that hundreds of Bajans watched and ENJOYED this? Or that one bored Bajan could sit down and feel this was the […]

    February 24, 2011Cartoons, Culture, Video GalleryNo comments
  11. Performer from Barbados Under Siege {PG 13: Language, Sexual Scenarios} Much Ado about S&Mutting/Tempest in a “B” Cup: Rihanna has Banned Video and seeks mercy on Ex, is Barbados expecting too much?

    Feels so good being bad (Oh oh oh oh oh) There’s no way I’m turning back (Oh oh oh oh oh) Now the pain is my pleasure cause nothing could measure (Oh oh oh oh oh) Love is great, love is fine (Oh oh oh oh oh) Out the box, outta line (Oh oh oh […]

    February 12, 2011Rihanna1 comment
  12. Australian customer verbally assaulted by KFC Muslim Employee for Daring to Ask For Bacon {Warning: NC-17, Language & Violence}

    Saw this on Barbados Free Press and decided to check the source, and it seems BFP actually dumbed it down? The reaction on all sides is WAY worse… A Muslim worker at a KFC restaurant in Sydney has been suspended after he was filmed screaming vicious insults and threatening to attack a customer. The violent […]

    January 6, 2011Agriculture, Controversy, Editorial, Video GalleryNo comments
  13. BREAKING NEWS {UPDATED}: US Navy dismisses Enterprise Captain – for Training Videos no worse than many US after-hours Comedy shows

    CNN just indicated the Navy captain who produced profanity- and slur-laden videos while second in charge of the USS Enterprise will be permanently relieved of his command of the ship, a top Navy commander said tonite. The Navy will also investigate the role other senior officers played in the video scandal, Adm. John Harvey, commander […]

    January 4, 2011Featured, Political, Video GalleryNo comments
  14. Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart asks if USA is run by A**holes? Don’t Ask, Don’t tell – Don’t get Votes…

    Just like the 9/11 first responders’ health care bill that was “snatched from the jaws of victory” by the Senate, another seemingly popular bill can’t become a law. The problem lies with both Republicans and Democrats acting like a**holes, as Stewart so artfully put it, beginning with Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich) […]

    September 25, 2010Political, Video Gallery3 comments
  15. Open letter to Barbados Water Authority: Complaint from Fort George Resident – WARNING, Language {PG-13}

    I just received an email concerning Barbados Water Authority and after referring to relevant sources, learned this is an HR matter. It was not sent to Advocate nor CBC but shipped to myself, VOB, Nation, Barbados Free Press among other places ;- This is a forward of an email I sent to the BWA regarding […]

    August 11, 2010Business1 comment
  16. Post Mortem of Barbados’ Crop Over 2010 – Is this the Death of Social Commentary? Is it time for privatisation? {PG-13: Language, Mild Sexual Situations}

    In another article I saw Anthony Carter – the Mighty Gabby at UWI the other nite and I approached him on the alleged altercation between himself and the other Anthony … “Admiral International” Nelson, over the tune Ole Ashe which helped Gabby earn the crown, which some say is salsa but others say is an […]

    August 5, 2010Featured, Music, Review2 comments
  17. TING AND TING SHOW this Saturday the 26th Braddie’s Bar Dover CH CH 9:00 PM

    Irreverent! Hilarious! A welcomed addition to the Barbadian theatrical landscape with impetuous and insightfully bold material performed by these two magnetically adventurous actors. Nala! Dy Browne! and You! Don’t miss this week’s show. Back by popular demand DE “ting“, The Rumshop and Spliff mimes, The Oh Shite song and much much more. Admission only 12 […]

    June 24, 2010Controversy, Culture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  18. Saturday Nights are Alright for – Ad Libbing? Braddie’s Bar fast overtaking competitors for alternative entertainment on Barbados’ South Coast

    Whether it’s Karaoke or Jazz or the lunches or the snacks during Jazz or Karaoke, Braddie’s Bar is starting to be the happening place in Dover, Christ Church. What about those who want something different? I got an e-mail from a regular reader who felt I was a bad boy, here’s why… “Saturday night last, […]

    May 20, 2010Entertainment, Featured, Review3 comments
  19. The Cool, The Bad and The Barmy – what was great about ICC Twenty20 Cricket at Kensington Oval (and where it could improve)

    WHAT WAS COOL The cricket was exciting, matches were well-paced and the players were not in an Ivory Tower looking down at us mere mortals. The last day was very interesting – there were throngs of Indian spectators who supported England fully. Aussie supporters were few and far between, the few lads from Down Under […]

    May 17, 2010Cricket, Featured2 comments
  20. Haddin fined for breaching ICC Code of Conduct: ICC Twenty20 Release

    Australian wicketkeeper-batsman Brad Haddin got fined 10 per cent of his applicable match fee for breaching the ICC Code of Conduct during his side’s seven-wicket defeat against England in the final of the ICC World Twenty20 2010 at Kensington Oval on Sunday. Haddin was charged with a Level 1 offence under article 2.1.3 of the […]

    May 17, 2010Cricket2 comments
  21. Iron Man 2 lacks Mettle – Original whips Sequel by far (SPOILERS, BEWARE: Fanboys swarmed Olympus on debut nite)

    Shrek 2, Spider-Man 2 and Superman 2 are a few examples where the return was better then the debut. Sorry to say Iron Man 2 (IM2) is just a bridge to prepare folk for both Avengers and Thor from Marvel’s line-up. This did not stop a whole slew of fanboys of all ages and colours […]

    May 8, 2010Books, Featured, Review7 comments
  22. True Blood Minisode #2: Jessica {HD} “Waiting Sucks: 13 June 2010”

    WARNING: Contains some strong language.– Here is the 2nd mini-episode of true blood.. This one is about Jessica (: So here is another drop of True Blood for you all(: WAITING SUCKS! “Jessica is so tragic, but also so complex I love it.”

    May 5, 2010Books, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  23. Bridgetown Taximen now ravenous piranhas for Twenty20 – Manners must be learned before Tourism is lost

    This time of year is when Polo winds down and in general the tourist season wraps up and hotel staff are allowed to be on vacation, usually! But then ICC’s Twenty20 cricket match for the Caribbean on until May 16 has made an odd flurry of unprecedented action all around Barbados. Having learned their lessons from the […]

    May 2, 2010Travel1 comment
  24. Rihanna continues to disgrace Barbados – flaunts boobs in Euro-Trash model shoot and shows contempt with overseas’ real estate buy [PG-13: Language]

    There’s an old conundrum which poses the following situation – who’s more foolish? Those who lead or those who follow? A vigorous debate can be touted for either side, but if both sides are not operating with a full deck in the first place …. ?? Is there really any point in playing a blame […]

    September 15, 2009Controversy, Featured, Rihanna30 comments
  25. Film-maker Bongo Lights “Vexx” at Barbados Gov’t for lack of support in Visual Arts – Meanwhile plots new Fantasy with Andrew “Hit For Six” Pilgrim

    (Attn – PG-13, Language) Not so long ago, this News-Blog highlighted how there seems to be a new yet not so recently made flick due from Bongo Lights of “Tek Dem Out” and “Vexx” fame… Well, he appears to be living up to the title of his last feature, when we e-mailed him about “Life […]

    August 17, 2009Cinema, Entertainment1 comment