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  1. ‘Tapering’ – Why Should You Care?

    With a new and unpredictable coronavirus variant contributing to a continuing anxiety in global markets, The US Federal Reserve (commonly known as, ‘The Fed’) has sought to calm investor nerves once again about ‘tapering’. So how exactly does one define this curious phrase? Here, Sterling Asset Management Limited’s Eugene Stanley helps define this long-used but […]

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  2. Tribute to Courtney Newlands Blackman from the CBB

    The Central Bank of Barbados confirms that Sir Courtney Blackman, the first and longest serving Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, has died at the age of 88. Sir Courtney died in the United States of America where he had been living for more than 20 years. Reacting to news of his death, current […]

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  3. Limited Edition Circulation Coin to Pay Tribute to Essential Workers

    The Central Bank of Barbados will pay tribute to the island’s essential workers with a limited-edition circulation coin. The coin will be unveiled during a virtual launch on Thursday 26th November at 8:05 p.m. The event will be broadcast on CBC TV8 and streamed on the Bank’s website and social media accounts. “Like so many […]

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  4. Central Bank of Barbados Announces Further Ease of Exchange Controls

    The Central Bank of Barbados has further liberalised foreign currency transactions, continuing the movement toward more relaxed exchange controls that it began in 2019. The new policy, which will impact several types of foreign currency transactions, took effect as of Monday 17th February 2020. “Authorised dealers can now approve and execute larger foreign currency transactions, […]

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  5. Third Party Providers Require New Tax Numbers of Clients and Employees

    The Barbados Revenue Authority is urging all third-party tax information providers to acquire the new Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) of their clients and employees, in order to facilitate the uploading of their relevant third party information on or before in February 28, 2019. Please note that the new Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS) will […]

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  6. Limited Number of Misprinted Notes in Circulation

    The Central Bank of Barbados is advising the public that there are a limited number of genuine $50 and $100 notes in circulation that are missing the holographic patch – the shiny foil on the right side of the note. “As soon we learnt of the problem, we contacted our banknote printers, De La Rue, […]

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  7. CBB Urges to Remember & Verify Your Money this Christmas

    Check your money. That is the advice from Octavia Gibson, Deputy Director, Currency at the Central Bank of Barbados to Barbadians as they go about their shopping during the Christmas season. Revealing that the Central Bank often sees an increase in counterfeiting at Christmas and Crop Over when there is increased commercial activity, Gibson cautioned […]

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  8. Bitt and Central Banks take the blockchain discussion public

    Bitt, the Barbados-based pioneer of digital payment solutions in the Caribbean, will be hosting a financial technology (FinTech) forum that facilitates public discussion with regional Central Banks, and other key regional and international financial institutions around the potential of Blockchain technology. Dr. Patrick Byrne, CEO of the US retail giant, is one of the […]

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  9. PwC works with Bitt to propel the Caribbean’s digital evolution

    The Barbados-based FinTech company, Bitt Inc. and the professional services firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) are pleased to announce that they have executed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) whereby the two entities, while remaining independent, will work together to deepen the use of blockchain technology across the Caribbean. The MOU is with respect to advisory services that […]

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    The Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs confirmed how Dr. DeLisle Worrell is relieved of his duties as Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados. This is consequent upon the determination of his instrument of appointment by Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, Christopher Sinckler. The Board of Governors also agreed that the current Financial Controller of […]

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  11. (Pt 2) Sat. 11th March 2017 – Barbados March of Disgust & Rally

    Better could have been done and can be done in Barbados. A country that demonstrated the courage to make tough decisions in the past has fallen over the last eight years, as Prime Minister Stuart and his Cabinet avoided critical decision making at every stage. They obviously prefer to sweep the real issues under the […]

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  12. Mia Mottley slaps down the gauntlet – Speak or call elections!

    Several events over the last few weeks, have impacted the level of confidence of Barbadians in the local economy – The decision by the Bank of Guyana not to accept Barbados currency. The Downgrade by CariCris this week on the heels of 17 previous downgrades The belated Admission by the Governor of the Central Bank […]

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  13. Mariano Browne & Clyde Mascoll find fault on policies or lack thereof from Dr DeLisle Worrell

    Central Bank Governor Dr Delisle Worrell and the Freundel Stuart government are admitting failure of the fiscal measures that started in 2009/10. That is the only conclusion that can be arrived at from what Dr Worrell said in his January economic letter in which he said Barbados had repeatedly failed to achieve the balance between […]

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  14. Currency Devaluation: Would It Contribute to Growth? By Charles Skeete

    Introduction While a great deal of attention has been paid to how the fiscal deficit could be reduced to a sustainable level, until very recently, rather less attention has been paid to what appears to this writer to be growing signs of an unsustainable balance of payments (BoP) deficit. Could it be that the Barbados […]

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  15. “Of China’s devalued currency, blood and windfalls” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Republican US Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, sees ‘blood‘ everywhere. Unhappy and irritated by a question put to him by a female Fox News TV journalist during a debate between several Republican aspirants for the White House, he notoriously said she had blood coming out of her eyes and “wherever“. Now he says that the devaluation […]

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  16. “Sniggering at China not in anyone’s interest” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    The rapid and continuing slump of the stock market in China has so far been domestically concentrated, but there will be some effect that could reduce global economic growth. So no country should assume that this is a distant problem from which they are entirely insulated. China is no ordinary country. Over 33 years, from […]

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  17. “Fixed or floating exchange rates: which serves the Caribbean better?” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Is the fixed currency exchange rate between the US and some Caribbean countries affecting the latter’s international competitiveness? This is a question that deserves review as Caribbean countries struggle with difficult economic conditions caused, in part, by the rapid change in their terms of trade and the value of currencies in which such trade occurs. […]

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  18. “China’s Yuan will rival US dollar globally” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Within the next ten years the world community should expect China’s Yuan (also called renminbi) to be as widely used as the United States dollar. For almost a decade now the Chinese currency has been popular with neighbouring countries which, along with China, are among the fastest growing economies. Now, the yuan is becoming popular […]

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    Governor of the Central Bank of Denmark, Per Callesen, will discuss the merits of fixed exchange rate regimes in small economies at a seminar at the Grande Salle, Tom Adams Financial Centre on Thursday, February 5 at 12 noon. His topic on this occasion is “Experiences with Fixed Exchange Rates and Economic Performance in Small […]

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  20. Barbadian & Caribbean experts do not fear Devaluation of Local Currency: First Citizens forum raps Freundel Stuart regime’s fiscal policies or lack thereof…

    In a brutally frank yet user friendly explanation, a leading banker of the region gave a stark analysis of Barbados when compared with other territories of the Caribbean. The review, at sharp odds with a recent assessment given by the Central Bank of Barbados, is more in line with one given by the Caribbean Development […]

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  21. Barbadian Father & Son charged for Attempting to Export Currency

    Police have arrested and charged Jeffery Harington Callender 46 yrs of No. 9 Coral Land, Haggatt Hall St. Michael and his son Rico Antonio Bill, 23 yrs of No. 9 Valley View, Pinelands St. Michael, each for the offence of Attempting to export currency. Charges: Jeffrey Callender – without the permission of the Exchange Control […]

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  22. “U.S. Republicans using weapons of mass financial destruction” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    There will be a lot of rubbish in Washington over the next few days. And, that rubbish is not only the garbage that is steadily piling up in the nation’s capital because of the government’s shut down. It is also the quality of the Republican Party’s argument for refusing to pass a Budget that would […]

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