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  1. USA – #Cuba normalization could increase production of #COVID19 vaccines

    If U.S. President, Joe Biden, eases the trade embargo against Cuba, one benefit to developing countries, including the Caribbean, could be greater access to coronavirus vaccines at an affordable price. Cuban scientists have been working on four vaccine candidates to counter the virus. They believe that their most successful candidate, Sovereign 2, will enter a […]

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    Heads of State and Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Republic of Cuba, gathered via video-conference on 8 December, 2020, on the occasion of the 7th CARICOM-Cuba Summit held in commemoration of the 48th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the four CARICOM independent States and Cuba and the 18th anniversary of CARICOM-Cuba […]

    December 10, 2020PoliticalNo comments
  3. THE MAURITANIAN (2021) Shailene Woodley, Jodie Foster & Benedict Cumberbatch – Drama

    Director: Kevin Macdonald Writers: Rory Haines, Sohrab Noshirvani, M.B. Traven Stars: Shailene Woodley, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Levi

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  4. When can you travel to the Caribbean again?

    It’s every tourist dream to visit the Caribbean. With their deep blue, silver waters, tropical breeze, swaying palm trees, and warm sunny days, it’s the perfect spot to spend your holiday with friends and family. However, tourism has remained as one of the activities cancelled in 2020 due to the ongoing global health concerns.  Fortunately, […]

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  5. First Spanish-language book to receive Honorable Mention prize from Caribbean Studies Association

    The book Una suave, tierna línea de montañas azules: Nicolás Guillén y Haití, by Emilio Jorge Rodríguez, received the Honorable Mention prize from the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) according to the Gordon K. and Sybil Farrell Lewis Book Prize committee for 2018. The book, which explores “the communicating ties between Haitians and Cubans,” according to […]

    July 9, 2018BooksNo comments
  6. Expedia Opens Cuban Market for Consumers in the Caribbean and the World

    The Expedia group, the world’s largest online travel agency, revealed their expansion to the Cuban market that will allow Cuban hoteliers to sell inventory through global Expedia group sites as well as allow travelers to book hotels in the island destination. The addition of Cuba’s hotel inventory in Expedia’s Caribbean portfolio will open new possibilities […]

    June 11, 2017TravelNo comments

    Barbados Honorary Consul in the Cayman Islands, Mrs. Juliette Gooding-Michelin, GCM, hosted a launch of the book Tell My Mother I Gone to Cuba: Stories of Early Twentieth-Century Migration from Barbados. Written by Barbadian author, Dr. Sharon Marshall, it chronicles the migration of Barbadians and other British West Indians to Cuba. It describes how American investment […]

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  8. Book on Barbadian Migration to Cuba Featured at Havana International Book Fair

    The book Tell My Mother I Gone to Cuba: Stories of Early Twentieth-Century Migration from Barbados by Barbadian journalist Dr. Sharon Milagro Marshall, was the subject of a panel discussion at the 26th Havana International Book Fair, now underway in Cuba. Dr. Martínez stated that, “the book is an obligatory reference in Cuba if one […]

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  9. Reformed Raul Garcia planning to become Havana Tour Operator, still views Barbados kindly

    PROLOGUE – David Comissiong: On the morning of Monday 8th January 2017 – my daughter, Aisha Comissiong, and I had just come to the end of a 12 day stay in Cuba and were about to start our journey to the Jose Marti Airport in Havana, when our vehicle was stopped and we were asked […]

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  10. Notable deaths of 2016 (David Bowie to Prince to Muhammad Ali to Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds)

    The year started with the loss of David Bowie. It ended with the deaths of actress Carrie Fisher and her mother, the iconic Debbie Reynolds, just one day apart.

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    (Friday) night the world lost one of the most iconic leaders of the 20th century. Fidel Castro was a great man who exhibited courage against decades of efforts to remove him by any means necessary. To stand up against the most powerful nation in the world 90 miles away for decades is an unbelievable feat. […]

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  12. ‘Until Victory for Ever, Commander in Chief’ – The first statement made by Havana’s President Raul Castro

    The first statement made by Havana’s President Raul Castro: “Today November 25, at 10:29 p.m., the Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz died. In compliance with the expressed will of Fidel, his remains will be cremated. Saturday morning, the organizing committee of the funeral will provide our people with detailed information on the […]

    November 27, 2016Breaking News, Featured, PoliticalNo comments

    They say that Fidel Castro died (over the weekend). But Fidel Castro cannot really die! No man whose actions, spirit, intellect and personality have so positively and profoundly impacted so many millions of lives can die! The essence and influence of such a man is destined to resonate in the lives of countless generations to […]

    November 27, 2016Breaking News, Featured, PoliticalNo comments

    Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has extended condolences to the Government and people of the Republic of Cuba following the passing of that country’s former President, Fidel Castro on Saturday. The text of the message reads: “The death of the former President of the Republic of Cuba marks the passing of an indomitable figure who changed […]

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    It appears the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (The BTPA) and the Barbados Tourism Management Incorporated (The BTMI) appear to be at variance when it concerns the widening of the Caribbean’s scope of destinations. During a Q&A session at Hilton Barbados’ Grille Restaurant, posed the fact JetBlue is now offering direct flights to Jet Blue […]

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  16. “The Meaning of Pope Francis” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Let me admit from the outset that as a baby I was baptized a Roman Catholic and for many years in my early childhood I was a faithful acolyte to priests as they said mass every day. I stopped regular attendance at mass when a priest could not satisfactorily explain to me what I regarded […]

    October 12, 2015PoliticalNo comments
  17. Verizon is 1st U.S. Wireless Company to Offer Roaming in Cuba

    It’s just over a month since the USA officially reopened its embassy in Cuba. Right now, Verizon Wireless customers who travel internationally can connect easily – including talk, messaging and data – while in the Caribbean’s largest nation, through the company’s Pay-As-You-Go International Travel option. “Our customers are citizens of the world, and we want them to […]

    September 28, 2015BusinessNo comments
  18. Antigua Ambassador calls for Cuba to return to the OAS

    Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) Sir Ronald Sanders today called for Cuba to “take its rightful seat in the Councils of the Organization” and said his country would do all in its power to encourage Cuba to do so. The Antigua and Barbuda diplomat was delivering his inaugural statement […]

    August 15, 2015Political1 comment
  19. Dominican Republic wooing Chinese tour operators, set to visit Bolsa Turistica del Caribe

    Chinese tour operators will be visiting the Dominican Republic for the Caribbean Tourism Bourse to be held at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel in Santo Domingo from 25-27 June 2015, announced event organizer Luis Felipe Aquino. China Chamber of Commerce president Yek Fai Cheung and Mario Joa of the Chinese Business Union said they are working […]

    June 6, 2015TravelNo comments
  20. Second Generation Barbadian Artists Selected for Prestigious Biennials

    The work of two second generation young Barbadian Artists, Ewan Atkinson and Alberta Whittle, will be featured at the Havana and Venice Biennials respectively next month. The Havana and Venice Biennials are two major international Art expositions. The invitation to Ewan Atkinson to take part in the Havana Biennial came as a direct result of […]

    April 18, 2015Arts, FeaturedNo comments
  21. Barbados Private Sector Trade Team Moves to Secure Trade Ties with Cuba

    The Barbados Private Sector Trade Team (BPSTT) is strengthening its efforts to monitor and boost the performance of Barbados’ businesses under various Trade Agreements. As part of this strategy the BPSTT will zero in on the CARICOM-Cuba Partial Scope Agreement. The agency will be hosting a business forum, Wednesday March 04th 2015, at the Bagnall’s […]

    March 2, 2015Business, FeaturedNo comments
  22. Netflix Now In Cuba: Cubans Can Now View Broad Range of Original Series, Movies, Documentaries, Comedies & TV Shows

    Netflix, the leading Internet film and TV subscription service, will offer a broad range of great global entertainment to Cuban consumers as Internet access improves and credit and debit cards become more widely available. People in Cuba with Internet connections and access to international payment methods will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly […]

    February 22, 2015CinemaNo comments
  23. Grisel Pujala & Leandro Soto, 5th March 2015 – Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination February 22, 2015Painting, Photo GalleryNo comments
  24. CAFÉ XVII – Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, 6th March 2015 February 22, 2015Galleries, Photo GalleryNo comments
  25. Emilio Jorge Rodríguez receives Caribbean lifetime award in Cuba – Considered one of four experts on St. Martin literature

    Emilio Jorge Rodríguez, a leading independent Cuban essayist and literary critic recently won the “Este Caribe Nuestro” Award 2014, at the University of Havana. The “Este Caribe Nuestro” (This is Our Caribbean), is a lifetime achievement award given annually by the Chair of Caribbean Studies at the University of Havana. Dr. Antonio Romero, president of […]

    February 22, 2015BooksNo comments