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  1. Nevisians to get relief on electricity fuel surcharge

    The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) has committed to a monthly subvention to the Nevis Electricity Company Limited (NEVLEC) in order to cap the increasing fuel surcharge on electricity bills, in an effort to bring relief to consumers on the island. Premier Mark Brantley made the announcement recently, noting the government is aware of complaints made […]

    August 10, 2022BusinessNo comments
  2. Address to Barbadians by Prime Minister Mottley regarding VAT, Electricity and Basket of Goods

    Good afternoon, fellow Barbadians. I address you this afternoon as we face a world that is characterized by a level of uncertainty like nothing that we have experienced in recent decades. This uncertainty started in earnest with the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic, but today has escalated with a whole host of challenges that […]

    July 16, 2022Political, Video GalleryNo comments
  3. NEVLEC issues revised statement on fuel surcharge increase

    The following is a revised statement from the Nevis Electricity Company Limited (NEVLEC) regarding the increase fuel surcharge. To our valued customers, Since April 2022 you have experienced a significant increase in the fuel surcharge on your monthly electricity bills.  The objective of this presentation is to provide you, our valued customers, with an explanation for this increase. […]

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  4. Play, Win & Multiply with The Barbados Lottery’s all new Multiplier Suite of Games

    New and existing players of The Barbados Lottery are reaping the benefits of the all new 100X and 50X the Cash scratch tickets in the Multiplier Suite of games.    With over $2.9 million in total cash prizes to be won, the $20 100X the Cash scratch ticket gives the player approximately 33 chances to win up to $200,000 and the $10 50X the Cash scratch ticket a total of […]

    June 9, 2021Breaking News, Featured, GamesNo comments
  5. A Conversation About the Urgency To Introduce Front-of-Package Warning Labeling in the Caribbean, Wednesday 7th April, 2021, 11am – 12:30 pm

    Webinar: NOW MORE THAN EVER: A Conversation About the Urgency To Introduce Front-of-Package Warning Labeling in the Caribbean Wednesday 7 April, 2021 11am-12.30pm AST Register here CARICOM Members States are currently in the final stages of voting on the adoption of the Final Draft CARICOM Regional Standard for Specification for labelling of pre-packaged foods (FDCRS […]

    April 3, 2021Health, Photo GalleryNo comments
  6. Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Blue Economy alerts to Change of Opening Hours at All Markets for Easter

    All fish markets across Barbados will open from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm from Wednesday 31st March. This is due to the emergency directives now allowing for persons to leave home at 5:00 am, however all Markets will follow Emergency Directive No 7 and remain shut all day on Good Friday 2nd April and Easter […]

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  7. PAHO, HCC, OECS, UNICEF launch “Now More Than Ever” regional campaign promoting Front-of-Package Warning Labelling

    A ground-breaking campaign aimed at tackling the troubling issues of childhood obesity and the regional epidemic of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) was launched Friday by the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC), in partnership with the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Commission and UNICEF. Titled “Now More Than Ever: Better Labels, […]

    March 15, 2021Breaking News, Featured, Health, Photo GalleryNo comments
  8. Staff attitudes need redressing at Cost U Less, before it Costs Them More

    I used to be of the view many products at Cost U Less were expensive, avoided it for a long time until I learned they had reasonably priced cat food.  What I don’t like is what I am now going into detail over, this is the nasty habit of cashiers rushing you before you can […]

    October 12, 2020Breaking News, Business, FeaturedNo comments
  9. ‘BLACKOUT DAY’ Barbados: 7th July 2020

    Blackout Day is an event in which all Black Barbadians are encouraged to spend their money with Black businesses in this country in order to use economic power to globally fight racial injustice and economic disparity. On 7th July 2020, we are asking that if you must spend a dollar, spend it with Black-owned businesses […]

    July 4, 2020Business, Photo Gallery1 comment

    Barbadians will be paying more for petroleum products effective midnight Sunday, June 2. The retail price of gasoline will increase from $3.88 per litre to $3.93 per litre, while diesel will rise from $3.08 per litre to $3.14 per litre. Kerosene will also increase from $1.41 per litre to $1.43 per litre. This represents increases […]

    June 3, 2019Breaking News, Business, FeaturedNo comments
  11. Tourism Minister Issues Challenge to Rum Producers

    Caribbean rum producers have been challenged to fully exploit the potential of the regional tourism industry to build their brands. St. Lucia’s Minister of Tourism and Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO), Minister Dominic Fedee, said there was tremendous opportunity for the region’s two preeminent brands – tourism and rum. Rum producers from the […]

    May 15, 2019AgricultureNo comments

    Bus transportation will be available after the second town hall meeting to discuss the ban of petro-based plastics for Wednesday 24th April at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael, beginning at 6:30 pm. Buses will take commuters to the Fairchild Street and Princess Alice Terminals. Minister of Maritime Affairs and the […]

    April 20, 2019Agriculture, Photo GalleryNo comments
  13. WIN an all-expenses paid trip to Trinidad Carnival with your Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card!

    Experience Trinidad Carnival with your best friend! Simply use the Cave Shepherd Visa Card Three (3) times with accumulated spend of $150 for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Trinidad Carnival for Two! Promotion ends January 13th, 2019. Terms & Conditions Apply.

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  14. Happy New Year From Cave Shepherd! January 1, 2019Fashion, Photo GalleryNo comments

    Efforts to reign in Barbadian wishes to buy goods and services from abroad via the internet in the end must be regulated if Barbados is to keep its foreign exchange at healthier levels… Shane Lowe is President of the Barbados Economic Society and he was reacting to concerns expressed by the Immediate Past President of […]

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    It has been said many ways… ‘Paul pays for all,’ or ‘One bad apple spoils,’ and other variations including counters from Mr Big, but the fact of the matter is? This site does NOT run on wind-cakes and spit-pies… I have expenses and needs, wants, and other bills the same as anyone else! As a […]

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  17. Parkland Fuel Corporation to Acquire 75% of SOL, Largest Independent Fuel Marketer in C’bean

    Parkland Fuel Corporation – Canada’s largest and one of North America’s fastest growing independent marketers of fuel and petroleum products and a leading convenience store operator, and SOL Limited have entered into an agreement to complete a business combination between Parkland and SOL Investments Limited and its subsidiaries. The Transaction will result in Parkland acquiring […]

    October 10, 2018Breaking News, Business, FeaturedNo comments
  18. Beer giant celebrates its centennial anniversary by making the whole world shake through music, cause and evolution

    Red Stripe‘s first-ever EP, Journey with Stripe is now available worldwide, on all major music platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon and Google! Produced by the multi Grammy Award-winning, Pablo Stennett, Journey with Stripe is a seven-track kaleidoscope of tunes that chronicles the history and development of Jamaican music. From Mento to Dancehall, the album features some of Jamaica’s best and boldest […]

    September 16, 2018MusicNo comments

    RESOLUTION! In the interests of fair play, I am making all and sundry aware the matter has suddenly been solved… After numerous messages on Instagram plus voice mails etc. Only after I carried the issue to Facebook and my website was the matter laid to rest. They claim my former Flow landline was still operational […]

    July 30, 2018Breaking News, Business, FeaturedNo comments
  20. Online Publisher receives Consolation Prize from Aone Supermarkets for their “Guess The Number of Seats” contest

    17 other shoppers accurately predicted the outcome of the 2018 General Election as BLP: 30, DLP: 0, SB: 0, UPP: 0, Minor Parties: 0 and Independents: 0. While there can only be 2 winners, even though it was not an expressed part of the competition, Aone Supermarkets are thrilled to announce they also awarded “consolation […]

    June 3, 2018Business, Photo GalleryNo comments
  21. Roxanne Brancker receives Consolation Prize from Aone Supermarkets for their “Guess The Number of Seats” contest

    17 other shoppers accurately predicted the outcome of the 2018 General Election as BLP: 30, DLP: 0, SB: 0, UPP: 0, Minor Parties: 0 and Independents: 0. While there can only be 2 winners, even though it was not an expressed part of the competition, Aone Supermarkets are thrilled to announce they also awarded “consolation […]

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  22. Free Groceries for Two as Elections are Announced

    While Barbados has been whipped into a political frenzy following the long awaited official announcement of the date of the 2018 General Election, two lucky A One Supermarkets shoppers have each walked away with $500 in FREE Groceries after accurately guessing the May 24th date. Shanice Walters and Laurin Grimes, were declared winners after their […]

    May 13, 2018Business, Photo GalleryNo comments

    Understanding wants versus needs is one of the earliest and most powerful steps towards controlling financial goals. A firm believer in record keeping, Mr Blanchard told the packed convention room by knowing your goals in terms of month-end, year-end or the next ten years gives you a better grasp of how to marshal your resources […]

    April 16, 2018Breaking News, Business, FeaturedNo comments
  24. Flow delivers Evolution for customers

    Flow customers now have enhanced features and greater control of their entertainment package. Barbados’ leading telecommunications provider has announced the launch of Flow Evo – an updated, refreshed and repackaged IPTV offering that has replaced the former Flow TV platform. “Our customers deserve the best, so we are improving their experience by enhancing the user […]

    March 18, 2018TechnologyNo comments

    You can be our GRAND PRIZE winner of $10,000 and your favourite charity will receive $4,000 – both in cash from Scotiabank. Get your share too of $25,000 in free shopping from Massy Stores and the stores at Sky Mall. And to top it all, the charity you choose will receive 50 cents for each […]

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