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  1. Difficult Conversations – “Thank You” by Grenville Phillips II

    Last Sunday, I decided to get a sea-bath before the lockdown. It was the first time I entered the sea in years. When I got to Accra beach, I noticed the yellow flags. There was no lifeguard on duty, so I asked the security guard to keep an eye on me. She said that she […]

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  2. “JAMES WHITE” (Cynthia Nixon, DRAMA – 2015)

    James White is a troubled twentysomething trying to stay afloat in a frenzied New York City. He retreats further into a self-destructive, hedonistic lifestyle, but as his mother battles a serious illness, James is forced to take control of his life.

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    It is with regret that we inform you that missing man Vincent Henry Layne 66 years of Farm Road, St. Philip has been found dead by Police… The Royal Barbados Police Force extend condolences to his family. The RBPF is investigating the unnatural death of Layne, 66 year old St. Philip resident. His body was […]

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  4. “Ebola: Why such Indifference to West Africa?” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    Is the global response to Ebola in West Africa indifference? Whatever it is, the response of governments has been abysmal with the single exception of Cuba whose government has sent medical assistance disproportionately large to its size and resources. While the US and China – the two largest economies – have also sent help, it […]

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