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  1. Texas governor lifts mask mandate

    (CNN) Dallas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday he’s lifting the mask mandate in Texas, even as health officials warn not to ease safety restrictions.

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  2. “Ivory Tower” (CNN: 2014) – Education Documentary, HD June 9, 2014Cinema, Education, Video GalleryNo comments

    HBO Latin America announced the premiere of the second season of the Emmy®-nominated HBO original series VICE on April 18th in the Caribbean. Shane Smith, founder of the taboo-breaking news media company of the same name, hosts the revolutionary newsmagazine series, smashing barriers of decorum to cover the kinds of stories often overlooked by mainstream […]

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    HBO Latin America announced the premiere of the fresh, gritty series VICE on June 7th in the Caribbean. The taboo-breaking news-magazine series is co-created and hosted by Shane Smith, co-founder of the edgy multi-media company of the same name. It features startling, groundbreaking news stories from around the world. From Afghanistan to North Korea to […]

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  5. IPI hands 2013 awards to two women journalists killed in Syria, independent Malaysian radio station

    Two journalists – American reporter Marie Colvin and Japanese photojournalist Mika Yamamoto – are the posthumous recipients of IPI’s 2013 World Press Freedom Hero award for their bravery and professionalism while covering the ongoing conflict in Syria as well as other conflicts before. Malaysia’s Radio Free Sarawak is the winner of IPI’s 2013 Free Media […]

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  6. Over 1,000 Stranded Carnival Dream Passengers Airlifted Out of SXM

    Over 1,000 stranded passengers of the Carnival Dream cruise ship were airlifted out of the Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) over the weekend on charter flights operated by Delta Airlines. According to the Director of Operations at SXM, Larry Donker, everything went “very well” given the circumstances. Donker expressed appreciation for the cooperation between SXM […]

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  7. 2013 Crime Stoppers International Conference – Progress Report

    The 34th Annual Crime Stoppers International Conference will be held in Barbados from September 29th – October 2nd 2013. The Conference theme of “Re-inventing for the Future” is most pertinent and relevant in the life of our Crime Stoppers movement globally, and with this in mind, an invitation is being extended to ALL Crime Stoppers […]

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  8. Ted 2 Teaser: Mark Wahlberg Confirms Ted Sequel And Oscar’s Appearance – ENTV

    News of the sequel broke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper…

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  9. Obama Vs Romney: Final Presidential Debate – Celebrity Comments! ENTV

    Last night was the final Presidential debate and the last opportunity for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to address each other directly in a public forum. We recap some of the crazy celebrity responses. What did you think of the final PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE? Both sides got dinged for some inaccurate comments.

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  10. Who are Caribbean-Americans Voting For? President Barack Obama, Governor Mitt Romney or a third party candidate!

    Caribbean-American voters are part of the African-American or Black vote. When the media and institutions speak of the Black vote, they are including the Caribbean-American vote. Although national polls mainly conducted by major media are well known, many other polls are conducted to determine the voting patterns of special interest groups based on ethnicity, race, […]

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  11. At times like these, media freedom and independence are more important than ever {IPI/WAN-IFRA Editorial}

    In the United States, a movie trailer of uncertain origin is posted on YouTube, purporting to promote “Innocence of Muslims”. Though the trailer is an unbearably stupid, incredibly offensive portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad, with production values of a high-school parody, the trailer sets off a wave of anti-American violence in the Middle East. Though […]

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  12. “Ending Criminal Defamation in the Caribbean” – IPI’s alarm over outdated libel laws which target Caribbean media

    Earlier this year in Santo Domingo, Latin journalist Johnny Alberto Salazar was sentenced to six months in jail for slander and libel. The charges stemmed from Salazar’s on-air comments accusing Pedro Baldera, a local Human Rights Committee official, of “protecting delinquents and people linked to organised crime.” Salazar, an elected council member and well-known local […]

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  13. Prime Minister of Trinidad stops short of commitment, promises to examine Media Discrimination

    “…whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter…” Thomas Jefferson Earlier this year, I got an opportunity which was provided by the British High Commission to visit Trinidad at a special media conference. The Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM) partnered […]

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  14. ENTV News – Anderson Cooper Comes Out As Gay: CNN Host Publicly Discusses His Sexuality

    Cooper opened up to the The Daily Beast columnist Andrew Sullivan in a recent email exchange. In the email he talks about how his job as a reporter for the last 20 years has put him in compromising and dangerous positions, and for his safety he felt that sticking to his job of telling other […]

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  15. “THE NEWSROOM” PREMIERES ON HBO – Created by Aaron Sorkin, the original series debuts July 1st in the Caribbean

    HBO Latin America announced the July 1st premiere of the all-new original drama series, The Newsroom, in the Caribbean. Created by Oscar® and four-time Emmy® award winner Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network), the smart, topical, humorous and highly entertaining series The Newsroom takes a behind-the-scenes look at a high-rated cable news program of the fictional […]

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  16. CNN Talk Show Anchor Calls Out Guest: ‘How Can Your Friends Be Sleazier Than You?’

    Anderson Cooper’s latest show focused on what Americans call; “revenge porn,” whereby people post explicit photos of their exes online. Cooper hosted a guest named Angel, who submitted pictures of her two ex-friends to a porn website. She explained that the friends had “made some mistakes,” and that they had already submitted the pictures to […]

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  17. Personal Finance And Tax Savings To Be Discussed At Fortress Fund Managers Investment Forum

    With uncertainty still surrounding the state of the global economy, securing one’s personal finances must be viewed as a priority for all. With this in mind, Fortress Fund Managers Barbados’ leading manager of mutual funds, will be focusing on this topic when it hosts its second annual “Fortress Investment Forum” this Saturday, November 12, 2011. […]

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  18. Has Barbadian Jewish Community been duped? CNN reveals ex-Terrorist may have been “Regular Joe,” where do the speaker fees go?

    You’ll recall Barbados was exposed to lavish security when a supposedly former Palestinian terrorist came here with plainclothes & uniformed cops plus private security guarding at Two Mile Hill as a panel discussion vehemently viewed Islam compared to Judaism when the true debate was to be linked to the then death of Osama Bin Laden. The moderator at the time, Peter […]

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  19. US Media and Political Personalities praise The Bajan Reporter

    Larry Crowned gushes over Bajan Reporter – The Main Portal of Social Media Commentary for Barbados as Sara Pailing reluctantly admits the superiority of the Bajan Reporter, the premier Caribbean website for finding the path not taken for coverage of things Bajan, Regional and Overseas

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    VP Records recording artist Gyptian is honored with the 2010 Soul Train Award for ‘Best Reggae Artist‘, picking up the iconic trophy following his featured performance during the show, held at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, November 10. The Soul Train Awards was hosted by Oscar-nominated actors Taraji P. […]

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  21. Barbados needs to expand its North American TV branding – NISE Leadership: Hilton Barbados {Pt 1}

    Analyst for CNN, commentator on TV One, syndicated columnist, Essence contributor/blogger, analyst for Tom Joyner’s morning radio show… When does Roland Martin BREATHE? Seriously, this powerhouse is either loved or hated – he takes no prisoners in his talks and in his interactions with people from all walks of life. The media expert was recently here […]

    April 24, 2010Business3 comments
  22. CNN President argues Facebook & Twitter can “pull people away from us”

    Over the years, there have been more than a few arguments about whether online news sites are killing newspapers. Now, due to some almost startling comments made by the president of CNN, it looks like the next round of old media-new media disputes might concern social networks and cable news organizations. According to the AFP, […]

    April 7, 2010Technology1 comment
  23. Late Journalist makes sure furry pals live high on the DOG, uh, hog

    There is an animated feature, aka – cartoon, called “All Dogs Go To Heaven” and in days of yore – Vikings when on their death beds from a duel wanted a dog at their feet as they went into Valhalla… But now, as we learn from CNN, Heaven on Earth is a Friday for a […]

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  24. Cantankerous Old Fart in Lone Star state leaves huge tip for abused waitress as his Last Rites (PG-13: Mild Language)

    During the span of George Bush Jr’s reign in the White House this old man would make a Latina waitress get close to sinning her soul at a Tex-Mex cantina with his stinking attitude, little realising her reward would not be in Heaven, but here on Earth… Melina Salazar was just as stunned as the […]

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  25. Truth Stranger Than Fiction – Oregon man sends Xmas Cards AFTER he dies

    Hey there, welcome back! Hope your ham was proper and the ponche crema was righteous… Speaking of the festive season, Christmas in a small Oregon town must have felt a bit like a Stephen King book when a guy who was dead sent greetings in his own script and with current stamps, got this from […]

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