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  1. New Office in Basseterre to Ensure Fair Share for Former Sugar Workers of SKN

    St Kitts’ Sugar Workers’ Restoration Fund (SWRF) office began Monday 18th May to process claims and guarantee the outstanding gratuity payment to former sugar workers. The office will be located at the CLICO Building at South Independence Square Street. This is just on the heels of the acquisition of the EC$16 million, on March 30, […]

    May 21, 2015AgricultureNo comments
  2. Did Sir Hilary change tune because he was “kicked upstairs”? Or how Bajan Media make Piranhas seem ethical…

    I have seen memes which lament how a comedian is the only real journalist in USA, this was referring to Jon Stewart… Now sadly readying to relinquish his late night mantle on Comedy Central. HBO has one of his alumni doing very well, John Oliver, he has taken what seems like a joke and dealt […]

    May 13, 2015Editorial, Education1 comment

    Police have formally charged Rodney Levi Wilkinson 59 years of # 2 Friendly Hall Development, Jackmans St. Micheal, Director of Executive Rentals Inc and Premier Pre-Owned Vehicles Inc. with 67 counts of Criminal Deception valued over $4 million dollars. The victims of these offences were predominantly Finance Companies i.e. Globe Finance Inc and Nassco Finance. […]

    September 28, 2014Crime, FeaturedNo comments
  4. JIVIN’ AROUND WITH 2014 – Pictorial 1: Hairless Feline Award

    This happened when a ruling Candidate insulted the Chair of an NGO whose only crime was attempting to recover funds deposited in a near-defunct insurance Brokerage…

    December 31, 2013Cartoons, Photo GalleryNo comments
  5. Out of Commission? Social Commentary – NIL & Dancehall – 2: Was Dottin shifted to ease in foreign act for Bajan festival?

    REMEMBER WHEN? Popular Jamaican dancehall artist Mavado has been cleared to enter Barbados after being barred two years ago and is expected to perform here. George “Jack” Farrell, the man behind the promotion, said at a Press briefing that he had been given approval to bring the singer to perform here after much controversy surrounded […]

    July 13, 2013Cartoons, MusicNo comments
  6. Campaign 2013 for Barbados – Spitting Match or Chance to show people how Parties have Conscience after all?

    — Listen to the voice sayin’ follow me When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score We’ve got two tribes (We got the bomb, we got the bomb) Somethin’ this good died… Frankie Goes To […]

    February 20, 2013Editorial, Political1 comment
  7. The bald facts of Politics? Never insult your voters!

    Bare Indignant Policyholders Are ready to vote, oops!

    February 18, 2013Cartoons, Photo GalleryNo comments
  8. Mexican Hairless Felines outraged at Barbados’ Campaign 2013

    I see it as rather ironic in the final analysis… Philip Greaves told BIPA go get your money fast as Gov’t will block every step of the way, I recorded it and in the open as always – everyone knows I go to a BIPA meeting and provide coverage other stations don’t… But I got […]

    February 15, 2013Cartoons, Events, Photo GalleryNo comments

    Many Barbadians will definitely feel the following item is a case of the pot cussing the kettle for the same soot both utensils have… Since there are more and more Barbadians waiting for Stuart to call for fresh voting when he will not do so despite many technical ways where 5 years have passed. Therefore, how […]

    January 22, 2013PoliticalNo comments
  10. “Coming Election” as a Trade Unionist becomes Campaign Manager – DLP’s Unity Bar Lunchtime Lecture

    There’s an old adage how Politics makes for strange bedfellows, in my view, it also thins people’s skins and luminaries previously highly individualistic are now more herd-minded than many popular ruminants at the prospect of securing ballots… There was a recent meeting at George Street where Robert “Bobby” Morris delivered propaganda a monologue on impending […]

    January 21, 2013PoliticalNo comments
  11. ‘The Coming Election’ by Fmr. Sen. Robert “Bobby” Morris, Barbados’ Ambassador to CARICOM: Unity Bar Lunchtime Lecture 11/01/2013

    The Democratic Labour Party hopes Barbadians spent a joyous Christmas Season and extend best wishes for a very special year in 2013! As usual lunch will be served from 12:30 pm and the lecture will start at 1:00 pm, the presentation is open to the public.

    January 7, 2013Events, PoliticalNo comments
  12. Governments of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union concerning BAICO Payments, Phase 1

    The Governments of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (“ECCU”) are pleased to announce the commencement of Phase I of the Policyholders Relief Programme (the “Programme”). Please note: This Phase of the Programme does not include either Executive Flexible Premium Annuity (“EFPA”) Policies or Flexible Premium Annuity II (“FPAII”) Policies, which are expected to be covered […]

    December 2, 2012BusinessNo comments
  13. Barbados Investors & Policyholders Alliance/BIPA welcomes Counterpart Peter Permell of Trinidad

    The growing numbers of BIPA now have both a Facebook Page and a website PLUS, they had an added boost when Trinidad’s own group of EFPA and FPA investors came forward and sent their Chair, Peter Permell, over to Barbados, not only to encourage but say where BIPA is doing right or wrong in recovering […]

    May 27, 2011BusinessNo comments