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  1. Courtesy Call to new Transport Minister from Chinese Ambassador, Yan Xiusheng

    At a recent courtesy call by the Ambassador of the Republic of China to the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources, the newly appointed Minister of Transport, Works and Water Resources, Ian Gooding-Edghill stated the Government of Barbados continues to value their mutual cooperation and the assistance the Embassy continues to provide to the […]

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  2. Trump issues orders banning TikTok and WeChat from operating in 45 days if they are not sold by Chinese parent companies

    USA’s 45th President Donald Trump yesterday issued an executive order that would ban the social media app TikTok and WeChat from operating in the US in 45 days if they are not sold by their Chinese-owned parent companies. The orders, which use similar language, do not state that a certain amount of money from the […]

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  3. Is Barbados being a satellite Nation of PR of China?

    CAVEAT This was an anonymous eMail sent via a German re-mailer, at BajanReporter we try to accommodate all perspectives, even those we may disagree with… It is up to Yan Xiusheng or other similar interests to either agree or disagree with these suggestions? Is Barbados Becoming a satellite of China? Today I listened to the […]

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    China’s Ambassador to Barbados would like more done to promote this country as a pleasure destination for his countrymen. Yan Xiusheng says 100 million Chinese travel to far off destinations in a leisure capacity, many of them retirees, but few know the Caribbean. However the ambassador observed his fellow diplomats in Beijing need to be […]

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  5. “BIRTH OF THE DRAGON” Philip Ng, Action (2017)

    Set against the backdrop of 1960’s San Francisco, Birth of the Dragon is a modern take on the classic movies that Bruce Lee was known for. It takes its inspiration from the epic and still controversial showdown between an up-and-coming Bruce Lee and kung fu master Wong Jack Mon – a battle that gave birth […]

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    Government is in discussion with a Chinese company on the development of a Performing Arts Convention Centre on the Needham’s Peninsula, just outside Bridgetown. This disclosure came on Monday evening from Acting Prime Minister, Richard Sealy, as he delivered remarks at a reception at Accra Beach Resort to mark the 67th Anniversary of the Founding […]

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    Cable & Wireless Communications Plc’s (CWC) business unit in Panama, Cable & Wireless Panama SA (CWP) and Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, revealed the first successful trial of the fastest copper based broadband service across Latin America using leading technology. As a market leader in mobile and broadband […]

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  8. THE ASSASSIN – Satoshi Tsumabuki, Shu Qi & Chang Chen

    In 9th-century China, Nie Yinniang is a young woman who was abducted in childhood from the family of a decorated general and raised by a nun who trained her in the martial arts. After 13 years of exile, she is returned to the land of her birth as an exceptional assassin, with orders to kill […]

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  9. Major Beijing Delegation For Invest Caribbean Now 2015 – St. Martin

    A delegation of over 40-Beijing companies will travel to the French Caribbean island of Saint-Martin this September for Invest Caribbean Now 2015. The Government of the Collectivité of French Saint-Martin, The Office of Tourism of Saint-Martin and executives at Invest Caribbean Now (ICN), in collaboration with the  Sino-American Friendship Association and the Chinese American Business Development Center of […]

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  10. China offers USD $300,000 in aid to storm-hit Dominica

    The People’s Republic of China has offered US $300,000 in cash as emergency assistance to the Commonwealth of Dominica following the passing of Tropical Storm Erika. The monies he said will go towards emergency humanitarian assistance to help with disaster relief. The rest of the story can be found at DOMINICA NEWS ONLINE whose team […]

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  11. “Of China’s devalued currency, blood and windfalls” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Republican US Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, sees ‘blood‘ everywhere. Unhappy and irritated by a question put to him by a female Fox News TV journalist during a debate between several Republican aspirants for the White House, he notoriously said she had blood coming out of her eyes and “wherever“. Now he says that the devaluation […]

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  12. “A threat smelling to high heaven – Obama whiffs it” By Sir Ronald Sanders

    It was uncanny, but reflective of thoughtful and caring minds that just days before President Barack Obama made his far-reaching statement about Climate Change on August 3, Caribbean Poet, Author and Intellectual, Ian McDonald, made a point to me that was echoed by the US President. In responding to a commentary I wrote on July […]

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  13. Barbados Museum & Historical Society has Fifty Thousand reasons to be grateful to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

    A special presentation ceremony minus reporters was held at the Barbados Museum & Historical Society (BMHS) over last weekend for the official handover of a major financial donation on behalf of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Barbados to the BMHS. The event was attended by Ambassador Wang Ke and officials from […]

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  14. ‘Invest Caribbean Now 2015’ For French Caribbean Island Of Saint-Martin

    The exotic French Caribbean island of Saint-Martin will this year put the spotlight on its global investment opportunities through an exclusive collaboration with Invest Caribbean Now, the global private sector Caribbean investment agency. The Office of Tourism of Saint-Martin, in conjunction with executives at ICN, will present the 2015 conference this September 28-30, 2015 in […]

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  15. “Sniggering at China not in anyone’s interest” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    The rapid and continuing slump of the stock market in China has so far been domestically concentrated, but there will be some effect that could reduce global economic growth. So no country should assume that this is a distant problem from which they are entirely insulated. China is no ordinary country. Over 33 years, from […]

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  16. Tsui Hark’s “THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN” (2015)

    Tsui Hark’s thrilling adaptation of Qu Bo’s beloved adventure novel stars Tony LEUNG Ka-fai as a ruthless bandit, ruling the lands of Northeast China from his fortress on Tiger Mountain. A captain of the Liberation Army (LIN Gengxin) launches a counter-insurgency against the dictator with a skilled investigator (ZHANG Hanyu) sent to destroy the gang […]

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  17. Trinidadian Minister meets with representatives of Chongqing Chemical & Pharmaceutical Holding Company (CCPHC)

    Senator Vasant Bharath, Minister of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications in Trinidad & Tobago, along with Senior Officials of the Ministry and Board Members of InvesTT Limited met recently with representatives of Chongqing Chemical & Pharmaceutical Holding Company at the Level 17 Conference Room of his Port of Spain Office. “I don’t need to sell […]

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  18. “Coming Home” (2015) – Gong Li, Movie (Subtitles) HD

    Lu Yanshi (Chen Daoming) and Feng Wanyu (Gong Li) are a devoted couple forced to separate when Lu is arrested and sent to a labor camp as a political prisoner, just as his wife is injured in an accident. Released during the last days of the Cultural Revolution, he finally returns home only to find […]

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  19. Dominican Republic wooing Chinese tour operators, set to visit Bolsa Turistica del Caribe

    Chinese tour operators will be visiting the Dominican Republic for the Caribbean Tourism Bourse to be held at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel in Santo Domingo from 25-27 June 2015, announced event organizer Luis Felipe Aquino. China Chamber of Commerce president Yek Fai Cheung and Mario Joa of the Chinese Business Union said they are working […]

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  20. “Fixed or floating exchange rates: which serves the Caribbean better?” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Is the fixed currency exchange rate between the US and some Caribbean countries affecting the latter’s international competitiveness? This is a question that deserves review as Caribbean countries struggle with difficult economic conditions caused, in part, by the rapid change in their terms of trade and the value of currencies in which such trade occurs. […]

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  21. Young Harrison College alumnus publishes first e-book of poetry

    The words paint a telling and compelling image of the internal conflict between good and evil. It’s there in every syllable, every word, every line, every verse. “And ahead of My teachings in the face of a leer, I recognised solace in the deer gaze of fear” “I sail with stars across the firmament of […]

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  22. SNOWGIRL and the DARK CRYSTAL – (Fantasy, Martial Arts: 2015)

    Directed by Academy Award Winner Peter Pau, Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal is a big-budget ($30M US) romantic fantasy adventure about the legendary hero Zhong Kui, a fabled warrior with mysterious powers who is forced to conquer the realms of Heaven and Hell to save his people and the woman he loves.

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  23. “China’s Yuan will rival US dollar globally” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    Within the next ten years the world community should expect China’s Yuan (also called renminbi) to be as widely used as the United States dollar. For almost a decade now the Chinese currency has been popular with neighbouring countries which, along with China, are among the fastest growing economies. Now, the yuan is becoming popular […]

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  24. “A New Sino-Russian Alliance?” By Joseph S. Nye (Project Syndicate)

    Some analysts believe that 2014 ushered in a new era of Cold War-style geopolitics. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea was met with heavy economic sanctions from Europe and the United States, weakening Russia’s ties with the West and leaving the Kremlin eager to strengthen ties with China. The question […]

    January 20, 2015PoliticalNo comments
  25. The Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean presents: The Rise of China and Its Impact on the Caribbean

    What does the rise of China’s economy and active diplomacy mean for the Caribbean? The Diplomatic Academy of the Caribbean examines China’s hegemony during its first module for 2015. The week-long intensive course runs from January 19th to 24th at The UWI’s St Augustine Campus in Trinidad and Tobago. The course, which is the Academy’s […]

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