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  1. Roll on Sol Rally Barbados 2014! June 5, 2013Photo Gallery, RallyNo comments

    10th – Roger Mayers/Barry Mayers (SM10 Chefette/Digicel/Pennzoil/Illusion Graphics/Hankook WR Starlet), 1h 04m 01.84s

    June 5, 2013Photo Gallery, RallyNo comments
  3. BIRD FLIES PAST COMPETITORS AGAIN: Brit Driver earns 2nd SOL Rally B’dos Trophy, aiming for Hat Trick?

    {EDITOR’S NOTE – There will be a video of not only highlights from Sol Rally Barbados of June 1st but some of the Speeches from the Awards at the Boatyard} Former UK National Rally Champion Paul Bird successfully defended his Sol Rally Barbados title at the weekend (June 1/2), crowning a remarkable record in his […]

    June 5, 2013RallyNo comments
  4. “Shakedown Lime” with SOL Rally Barbados & Chefette: Roulette May 12, 2013Photo Gallery, RallyNo comments
  5. “Shakedown Lime” with SOL Rally Barbados & Chefette: The Sheriff May 12, 2013Photo Gallery, RallyNo comments
  6. “Shakedown Lime” with SOL Rally Barbados & Chefette: Ryan Haloute

    If you were trying to drive to Bagatelle or UWI via Warrens over the weekend, this is why the highway was clogged…

    May 12, 2013Photo Gallery, RallyNo comments

    The Royal Barbados Police Force has dismantled a ring which perpetrated burglaries. Nicolas Narad Eastmond 25 years of Kingsland, Terrace, Christ Church, was charged for the offence of robbery jointly with Sherland Mascoll* Sylvester Augustus Desrivieres 35 years of Redman Village, St. Thomas jointly with Mascoll* for 5 burglary offences and one robbery offence. Sylvester […]

    June 5, 2012Crime2 comments
  8. Why Barbadians prefer DVD’s – how Olympus Theatres disappointed many Bajans

    When Bajan Reporter started in 2006 we looked at how Olympus jacked their fees and why folk may prefer alternative options for visual distraction… Many thought while accurate, it was harsh, let’s see what happens barely six years later? I left home at 8:45 pm for Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried in the futuristic “In […]

    January 4, 2012Agriculture, Featured, News, Review1 comment
  9. Sandy Lane – why you can’t afford it and Simon Cowell can…

    Carl Blenman did the photography and video, he has no idea of any Mini-Editorial I did, nor am I certain he would approve of it either, LOL!

    December 11, 2011Agriculture, Featured, Travel, Video Gallery2 comments
  10. Rihanna 2005: Keeping the Record Straight – When Barbados was in shock over a pair of Jeans

    Man’s greatest aspiration, according to George Bernard Shaw, is his heart’s desire… Shaw also pointed out Man’s greatest folly is in achieving their heart’s desire! A more blunt way of getting it across? Be careful what you want, you may get it! Here’s Barbados’ 44th Independence and I was wondering what to do… Many fans of Barbados’ […]

    November 30, 2010Fashion, RihannaNo comments
  11. Barbadian Pizza Parlour Offers The Unkindest Cut of All

    So, I told you about Johno’s pizza, right? Now I am sorry I did! If you saw the flyer, beware, their real pizzas do not look anywhere near as good as the one you see in the poster! So, for those who wish to get the short version… The call was answered unprofessionally I did […]

    July 27, 2007Review1 comment
  12. New South Coast Restaurant making bid to topple stranglehold of Barbadian bar & restaurants

    I have been using to great effect now for tips and releases (my original for this account is a bit close to full due to digital photos), and some of the stuff you have seen – Police notices, news from St Kitts and Grenada, what happens at the Errol Barrow Centre, etc. all originated […]

    July 14, 2007Featured, News1 comment
  13. Basseterre on High Alert: Anonymous Consumers judging their service practices! Bim should follow suit!

    I was zipping through Caribbean 360 today and see that over in St Kitts and Nevis the Government there has requested a company to send visitors to that Federation so as to gauge the level of service tendered to shoppers. This is known as “mystery shoppers“, this can be very enriching for a company to […]

    February 21, 2007TravelNo comments