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  1. A GIRL LIKE HER – (Bullying Drama, Social Media: 2015)

    16 year old Jessica Burns has a secret that she’s afraid to share with anyone – except her best friend, Brian Slater. For the past year she’s been victimized by another girl: her former friend, Avery Keller, one of South Brookdale High School’s most popular and beautiful students. What can you do when the world […]

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  2. Education Minister refuses to talk with Bajan Reporter: Ronald Jones can’t understand why youth of Barbados fail to use Conflict Resolution…

    “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” – George Orwell I had no idea I was an acolyte of Orwell? So many press conferences I ask a Minister or an Opposition MP the question(s) they’d rather die than hear, when my colleagues from competing houses witness the exchange, they […]

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  3. Financial Foibles – Barbados Edition 2015: State of Denmark? In this nation?

    Per Callesen is the Danish counterpart of Dr DeLisle Worrell, unlike Dr Worrell he holds regular Press Briefings, how do I know? Just asked him, when he visited Barbados and had his speech sent via internet streaming. At one point Callesen, in addressing audience’s Q&A, said he wanted to avoid “negative press,” so I asked what he does […]

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    Governor of the Central Bank of Denmark, Per Callesen, will discuss the merits of fixed exchange rate regimes in small economies at a seminar at the Grande Salle, Tom Adams Financial Centre on Thursday, February 5 at 12 noon. His topic on this occasion is “Experiences with Fixed Exchange Rates and Economic Performance in Small […]

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  5. The Human Rights Revolution: GURIEV – Facebook Faces Down Putin

    On December 20, Russia’s government requested that Facebook block a page used to rally opponents of President Vladimir Putin. Facebook initially agreed, but allowed a new page to be opened the next day. By demonstrating that at least some Western companies care about values that cannot be expressed on their bottom line, Facebook undermined a […]

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  6. Statement by Head of the European Union Delegation to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Ambassador Mikael Barfod following the horrific attack on the Charlie Hebdo Magazine in France on 7th January

    The European Union and its Member States condemn the horrific and cowardly attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo in France on Wednesday 7 January. The attack was not only an attack on over twenty innocent civilians, but also on two of the most fundamental values shared by the European Union and democracies the world […]

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    This what you’ve been waiting for, a look back at what was hot or not at Bajan Reporter in the previous 12 months. This is a Top 10 list with the another 10 plus certain other categories as Honourable Mentions… At the end of 2014, we showed you what was by far the top Meme […]

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  8. New Year’s Message from the President of the Association of Caribbean MediaWorkers

    The ACM extends greetings to all members,associates and friends of the organisation as we enter a new year which we expect to be as challenging but filled with opportunity as the previous 13 years of our existence. My wish for the ACM in 2015 is that we will continue growingin stature and influence regionally and […]

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  9. JIVING AROUND WITH 2015: Cleric reprimanded during School Vacation to prevent Strike

    Hey, it’s that time again when we look at some of the top things for the previous year… Ever wondered why this teacher was punished so long after the fact? If he was disciplined during regular school-time would it not have been easier to rally support against the move via colleagues engaging a concentrated protest? […]

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  10. YEAR WITHOUT A BUDGET? BREAKING ELECTORAL PROMISES DEEMED A SUCCESS: Ministerial Statement on Barbados’ Economy by Finance Minister Chris Sinckler

    Mr. Speaker Sir, precisely sixteen months ago we called on all Barbadians to sacrifice in order that we can reap the benefits of necessary stabilization and adjustment in the economy. Today I can say to the country that, based on actual performance and projections for the immediate future, we have not labored in vain: Barbados […]

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  11. IPI Executive Director Alison Bethel McKenzie to leave at the end of 2014

    As the New Year approaches I would like to announce changes in the leadership of the International Press Institute (IPI), a world’s leading organization fighting for press freedom, protection of human rights, freedom of expression, as well as the promotion of the free flow of information and high standards of journalism. During her five years […]

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  12. UN Secretary-General Says Freedom of Information and Media Needed For New U.N. Global Development Goals

    The Global Forum for Media Development, of which the ACM is a member organisation, welcomed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon‘s endorsement yesterday of guarantees for freedom of information and media in the UN’s next set of global development goals. In his long-waited “synthesis” report on the UN’s post-2015 development agenda, presented to the General Assembly […]

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  13. “Barbados is 48 or IIL? What is the Rx needed?” by (a.k.a) The Rt. Hon Dr. Philf – MP for Culpepper Island

    I almost didn’t post anything for Independence Day… but night rolled around and I remembered at a time like this, we don’t need sleeping giants… We need neither B nor D. We need each other. This country and people are in a really sh*tty state… These fields and hills are no longer our very own… Politicians […]

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  14. Cable & Wireless worked with UK spy agency: Gerard Best reports on flow of Data

    Cable and Wireless worked with a British government spy agency to hand over the Internet data of millions of people around the world, according to international media reports. The news breaks amid rising regional concerns about the US$3 billion acquisition by Cable and Wireless of Columbus International, a major telecommuniations operator in the Caribbean. A […]

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  15. 39 YEAR OLD ELECTRICIAN CHARGED FOR ‘MALICIOUS COMMUNICATION:’ Will Barbados Gov’t Ban Twitter & Facebook next?

    First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist Then they came for the Socialists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Socialist Then they came for Trade Unionists And I did not speak out Because I was not a trade unionist […]

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  17. Argentinean journalist continues to be threatened for his investigative work

    Journalist Leonel Alberto Rodriguez‘ mother woke up last Saturday morning to a strong stench of paint coming from outside her home. Soon after, Lidia Romagnoli, Rodriguez’ mother, made a gruesome discovery plastered in the entrance of their home in Santiago del Estero, some 1100 km north of Buenos Aires, the country’s capital: black paint, a […]

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  18. International Press Institute (IPI) needs to strengthen efforts to liberate global colleagues: Will *YOU* help?

    “(This) regime has shown, through these detentions and killing, that if you speak up against what happens, you either get detained for an endless time or you get killed.” These are the words of Al Jazeera journalist Abdullah Elshamy, interviewed by IPI just a few months after his release from Cairo’s Scorpion Prison, where he […]

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  19. IPI launches #WEWANTCHANGE press freedom campaign

    Criminal defamation laws, the imprisonment of journalists, violent attacks on journalists, endemic impunity for such crimes and a spate of emerging restrictions on digital journalism are the five greatest challenges to press freedom around the world, the International Press Institute (IPI) said today as they launched their new campaign #WEWANTCHANGE. The campaign will feature the […]

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  20. 7th ARIJ Conference Comes to Amman: “Arab Media – The Battle for Independence”

    GIJN member Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) will host its seventh annual forum for Arab investigative journalists in Amman, Jordan, this December. The theme of the three-day conference, which begins on December 5, will be “Arab Media: The Battle for Independence,” and will feature more than 30 panels and trainings on topics such as […]

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  21. “Citizenfour” (2014) – Edward Snowden, Documentary HD

    In January 2013, Poitras (recipient of the 2012 MacArthur Genius Fellowship and co-recipient of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service) was several years into making a film about surveillance in the post-9/11 era when she started receiving encrypted e-mails from someone identifying himself as “citizen four,” who was ready to blow the whistle on […]

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  22. ‘Rosewater’ – Directorial Debut by Jon Stewart

    A journalist is detained in Iran for more than 100 days and brutally interrogated in prison.

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  23. Basseterre: Dr Harris Blasts The Handling Of SKN’s Electoral System, Claims Corruption while Prime Minister Douglas speaks to Boundary Case

    St Kitts’ electoral system is being manipulated and corrupted in an effort to “rob and steal the elections, says Team Unity leader, Dr. Timothy Harris, in a press conference held at the organization’s office on August 7th. Team Unity has been critical of the way the electoral system is being run, making accusation of frequent fraud […]

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  24. Why Barbados Government gets away every time: a Divided Media

    Why any Barbadian Government gets away doing idiocy every time: a Divided Media group, instead of ensuring each has support when one member is attacked – the reality is every newspaper/ tv/ radio/ online for itself; look at at one story and it\s ensuing coverage which demonstrates the schism, here’s the Nation Publishing version… HE […]

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  25. Barbadian Minister of Commerce considers it appropriate if sugar is no longer exported but used locally: this as Banks Beer asks Media to limit questions at Press Conference

    Two Cabinet Ministers of Barbados for one tour, what gives? It seems John Boyce, who handles Health, was asked to attend a special tour in Newton recently as he was a former Engineer there… Donville Inniss, who deals with Commerce, was invited as the brewery was launching a new product… Or maybe, both were there […]

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