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    At times we can become so busy and trapped in our own problems, that we may forget “the little things”. I decided to highlight the issues that others do not or cannot highlight; because “they” do not see the significance of “the little things”. We at JJosephaNews; want this new year; to be a year […]

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  2. Cost-U-Less “Pawsitively” Supports Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary with Donation

    The economic fallout from Covid-19 has resulted in less money in some households forcing some people to abandon their pet animals overwhelming animal shelters. Cost-U-Less Barbados has given one shelter, Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary in St. John, ample reason to celebrate with a donation of food and litter products for the 135 dogs and cats […]

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  3. IF YOU’VE SEEN THIS LITTLE GIRL, CALL THE TOTAL LOVING CARE VET CLINIC NOW! January 3, 2020Events, Photo GalleryNo comments
  4. KEANU (2016): Peter Atencio – Feline Gangster Movie HD

    Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen cat by posing as drug dealers for a street gang. Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele‘s first motion picture, and first major production after the conclusion of their comedy sketch series “Key & Peele” on Comedy Central.

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  5. ‘The Diary of a Teenage Girl’ – Alexander Skarsgård, Kristen Wiig

    A teen artist living in 1970s San Francisco enters into an affair with her mother’s boyfriend.

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  6. “Manglehorn” (2015) – Al Pacino & Holly Hunter: Romance HD

    Academy Award® winner Al Pacino gives a wondrous performance as a lonely locksmith whose life is transformed by a new romance in this magical love story from acclaimed director David Gordon Green (Joe, All the Real Girls). A.J. Manglehorn (Pacino) is a reclusive Texas key-maker who spends his days caring for his cat, finding comfort […]

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  7. ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL: Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

    ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL is the uniquely funny, moving story of Greg (Thomas Mann), a high school senior who is trying to blend in anonymously, avoiding deeper relationships as a survival strategy for navigating the social minefield that is teenage life. He even describes his constant companion Earl (RJ Cyler), with whom […]

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  8. “ARDOR” – Gael Garcia Bernal (Drama: 2015)

    When fires sweep through the rainforest near their property along the Parana River, a poor tobacco-farming family goes on high alert. The head of the family, João (Chico Díaz), correctly suspects the fire is a result of slash-and-burn tactics by ruthless land-grabbers intent on acquiring the farm he shares with his lovely daughter, Vânia (Braga), […]

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  9. “The Voices” (2015) – Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterton & Ryan Reynolds, Movie HD

    As the new guy at work, Jerry is asked to help plan the company picnic, and he meets Fiona, an attractive English girl from accounting. Jerry immediately takes a liking to Fiona and excitedly goes home to tell his pets about her. And surprisingly, they answer. But all this is just the beginning of an […]

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  10. “Home” (2015) – Jim Parsons & Rihanna: Animated Movie HD

    Tip, with her chubby cat Oink, finds herself the unwilling accomplice of a banished Boov named Oh. The two fugitives realize there’s a lot more at stake than intergalactic relations as they embark on the road trip of a lifetime.

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  11. NOCTURNA: Cartoon directed by Adrià García & Víctor Maldonado (US Release – 2014)

    An orphan boy named Tim is afraid of the dark. However when the stars start going out in the sky he finds himself exploring the world of the night his new friend, the cat Shepard, to find out why.

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    The Hope Sanctuary now has additional support providing life-saving necessities to rescue cats under its care. Red Cat wine, a cocktail wine distributed by local company Stansfeld Scott & Co. Ltd, has become a sponsor of the local charity, assisting with providing clean water, daily food, medical care and safe shelter for cats currently living […]

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  13. Jim “Big Bang Theory” Parsons & Rihanna, In Dreamworks’ “HOME” (Animation – 2015)

    A group of aliens seek refuge from their enemies by hiding out on Earth.

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  14. Columbus Barbados (Flow) 1 Year Anniversary: Service already available to over 60% of Barbadian homes

    “1 People. 1 Passion. 1 Purpose” CLICK FOR BIGGER

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  15. Ark Christmas Market 2013: Lion Castle Polo Club, St. Thomas

    * Sumptuous teas from 2:30 pm * Well stocked Bar * Santa Photos! * Wonderful Variety of Stalls * Great for Christmas Shopping! * Dog Agility Exhibition at 4.00pm * Hamburgers & Flying Fish Cutters on Sale * And we shall be bringing up some of the wonderful dogs from our shelter Donation at the […]

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  16. This Was The Year That Was – Bajan Reporter’s Social Media Reminisce of 2012

    This is way overdue, since December 3rd or 23rd depending on your point of view (POV), when Bajan Reporter became 6 altogether for the latter date and the earlier date is the day it became a website in 2009. Back in 2006 we had little material, examining the antics of my cats, publishing reviews the […]

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  17. Tard the Grumpy Cat goes Native: Has a question for Barbados… December 18, 2012Cartoons, Photo GalleryNo comments
  18. The Rabbi’s Cat: English Subtitles (2011) – Animated Movie HD

    Cast: Mathieu Amalric Director(s): Antoine Delesvaux Antoine Delesvaux Joann Sfar Producer: Antoine Delesvaux Clement Oubrerie Antoine Delesvaux Joann Sfar Writer: Sandrina Jardel Joann Sfar Editor: Maryline Monthieux Cinematographer: Jérôme Brézillon Composer: Olivier Daviaud

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  19. The Ark Animal Welfare Society Barbados – KITTENS FOR FOSTERING OR ADOPTION (please share) August 18, 2012Nature, Photo GalleryNo comments
  20. Carrying coals to Newcastle? Drunkard Allegedly Tried To Take Kitten Into Florida Strip Club: Arrested For Telephone Abuse

    I’m too sexy for my cat Too sexy for my cat Poor pussy, poor pussy cat RIGHT SAID FRED – I’M TOO SEXY LYRICS Everett Lages was held outside of Emerald City strip club in Murdock, Florida for repeatedly calling 911 after the owner prohibited him from entering with a kitten, according to a Charlotte […]

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  21. RIP: Carolle Madeleine Grant-Bourne 1937/2012 Warrior Poet

    Born in St. Vincent, Carolle Bourne moved to Trinidad as a young woman and enjoyed a career composing advertising copy before going on to journalism in the United States, where she divided her time between caring for her two sons and writing fashion promotions for Lits of Philadelphia and Gimbels of New York. After returning […]

    April 24, 2012Books1 comment
  22. Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Bert the Cat vs Cat Balloon

    Bert the Cat hits the big time on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno! Making Home-Defending-Cats proud around the world, “Bert the Cat vs Cat Balloon” appears in an episode of the Tonight Show’s “How long Will It Take?” when he destroys the evil balloon invasion!

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  23. Christmas Caper with Simon’s Cat in ‘Fowl Play’

    The crafty cat plans a Christmas caper to cop a carcass.

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  24. {MEAN KITTY HALLOWE’EN} Creatures of the Night: SMP Films Feature, “Mr Safety”

    Share this on Facebook and see more of my video on YouTube! Written, Directed, Photography, Edited by Cory Williams Camera Operator / Behind The Scenes by Kathleen Elliott

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  25. Every Man’s Dream: A Threesome! Or – why are these feathered fools considered as KFC, Chefette & Subway?

    I have 3 cats from my original brood of 8, time and cancer or dogs nearby can wear down even a troop as intrepid as mine… But a pal decides to donate 3 budgies for my “Grandson,” and I start to laugh for many reasons. One thing is, they’re 2 females and 1 male – […]

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