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  1. “I Do Not Know” by Grenville Phillips II (ex-Solutions Barbados)

    The Government recently patched potholes along the road to Brighton in St George. It was foreseen that the high-quality asphalt, and the effort to install it, would be wasted. After the recent heavy rains, the asphalt washed away, the potholes became larger, and we simply resumed the daily game of ‘dodge-the-pothole’. Engineers normally use words […]

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  2. United Progressive Party’s Leadership Under Fire Before Barbados Elections (Pt 1)

    A few days ago Charleston Taylor as a hopeful for the fledgling United Progressive Party in the riding of St Philip West made a Facebook entry suggesting Ganja be legalised before violence escalates. A war of words between himself and incumbent Adriel Brathwaite eventually led to his photo stripped from and now he has […]

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