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  1. National Bank of Belize to launch digital wallet in 2021

    The National Bank of Belize Limited (NBB) has entered into a partnership with financial technology company, Bitt, to add an eWallet to its existing mobile banking services. NBB is licensing a digital currency infrastructure from Bitt to support retail and business users’ access to simple, secure and efficient payment solutions as they recover from the […]

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  2. Caribbean company wins major award at international food expo

    Caribbean company Naledo overcame fierce competition to win the ‘New Food Product of the Year‘ award at Food Matters Live 2020, a prestigious international food event in the UK. Belizean-based Naledo manufactures the world’s first wildcrafted, whole root turmeric paste as well as fresh juices blended with turmeric. The Food Matters Live judging panel commended […]

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  3. Caribbean Girls under Cyber Attack, says Belizean First Lady

    A cyberbullying victim’s parents are speaking out in Belize against the alarming practice of posting nude photos of young girls online. The couple sit facing away from the camera as they recount the episode that forever changed their daughter’s life. The father, slowly and in a plaintive voice, says someone accessed the photo from her […]

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  4. “Caribbean Court of Justice Pioneers New Technology to Improve Court Performance” by Gerard Best

    A suite of new high-tech court management systems are to be adopted by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). The CCJ will be one of the first adopters of a set of technology-enabled systems for electronic filing of court documents, case management and court performance measurement, according to a release dated December 9. The region-wide […]

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    The issue of replica handbags and other goods is a significant problem for designers and the industry as a whole. Whilst it is doubtful that this practice will cease, it is encouraging when authentic luxury products are discovered that are ethically produced in a conscious social manner. A number of such companies exist within the […]

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  6. Belize launches Caribbean’s latest Internet Exchange Point

    The Belize Public Utilities Commission announced that Belize’s first Internet exchange point, named BIXP, was successfully launched in Belize City on April 27 at the campus of the University of Belize. The launch was the culmination of unprecedented collaboration between Belizean Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the highly competitive local telecommunication sector. The Belize Public […]

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  7. CDB launches programme to reform Education Sector in Belize

    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) launched yesterday in Belize a programme that will build 35 new schools, benefitting 5,300 students at the pre-primary, primary and secondary education levels. The Belize Education Sector Reform Programme focuses on providing children across the country with equitable access to a quality basic education, with a goal of increasing enrolment […]

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  8. CDB & DFC Project to benefit MSMEs, Housing, Education Launched in Belize

    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is providing funding to the Development Finance Corporation of Belize (DFC) to: better support the productive sector, including small business; to assist students to access tertiary level and skills training programmes; and families to acquire or improve their own homes. The CDB-DFC project launch workshop in Belize City is in […]

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  9. “Youth, unemployment and selling citizenship” by Sir Ronald Sanders

    The economies of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries are not doing well. Belize, Guyana and Suriname are the only three economies showing appreciable growth. The major effect of little or no growth has been increasing unemployment and underemployment of young people who constitute three of every five persons across the region. The problem of youth unemployment […]

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  10. “Faster Internet Coming to Belize” By Gerard Best

    Sometimes the best solution to a technical problem is social engineering. After a journey of two years, that’s exactly how Belize has come to a major milestone in its technological development. The country’s Internet service providers (ISPs) have committed to set up Belize’s first-ever Internet exchange point (IXP), a piece of critical Internet infrastructure through […]

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  11. Caribbean Development Bank partners with Ministry of Education for project to improve schooling

    The official launch of The Consultancy Services for the Development of a School Location Plan with School Mapping Model was marked by support and praise from those collaborating on the effort. He noted that the procurement and execution of the consultancy would strengthen the decision-making capacity of the Ministry, primarily as it related to the […]

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    If ever there was a time and an issue for the countries of the Caribbean to speak with one voice and at a high level, both the time and the issue have arrived. The issue is the global average temperature arising from climate change which is now scientifically indisputable. A decade of research shows that […]

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  13. ‘Phenomenal to work at CARDI’ says Belize staffer; Dr. Nickeisha Reid of Jamaica ‘extremely grateful to CARDI for scholarship’

    In his 40th Anniversary message, CARDI’s Executive Director, Dr. Arlington Chesney paid homage to the staff of the Institute, giving ‘a special thanks to all of the management and staff who have worked for the last 40 years under very challenging circumstances to enable the Institute to be a meaningful contributor to the development of […]

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  14. USD $10 million set aside for 8th cycle of CDB’s Basic Needs Trust Fund

    The Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank has approved USD $10 million from the Special Development Fund for the eight cycle of the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF 8). This decision was made at the 264th meeting of the Board, held at the Bank’s headquarters in Barbados, Belize, the Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, […]

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  15. Dunkin’ Donuts Announces First Global Coffee Day Celebration for Monday 29th September

    Dunkin’ Donuts, one of the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chains, today announced a special deal for coffee lovers across Latin America and the Caribbean. On Monday 29th September participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants across the region will offer guests a free small hot or iced coffee (while supplies last) with any food purchase in […]

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  16. CARDI creates Revenue Generating Unit: Corn Seed sold to Grenada

    With a focus on increasing crop and small ruminant productivity by equipping the Region’s agribusiness sector to deal with the challenges of climate change, increasing incidence of invasive pests, low productivity and increasing costs of inputs, CARDI has established a Revenue Generating Unit. The Unit, established in 2013 to supplement the Institute’s operating cost, has […]

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  17. CHUKKA CARIBBEAN ADVENTURES REDUCES TRAVEL COSTS WITH DIGICEL BUSINESS – Videoconferencing solution helps to increase productivity & savings

    Chukka Caribbean Adventures is one of the region’s leading action adventure tour companies, with locations in Belize, Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands. Having developed a strong customer base, the company continues to expand throughout the region, with plans to become a regional tourism operator in up to 20 countries. The Challenge As a […]

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  18. 22 SPISE 2014 Superstar Students Graduate

    Annually, the Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF) offers the 4-week-long Student Program for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) to the most-gifted Caribbean students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The goal of SPISE is to groom the Caribbean’s next generation of technology entrepreneurs and leaders in science, engineering and business. This year, SPISE served […]

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  19. Sagicor Search is on for Young Visionaries: Any Barbadian teens want to visit NASA?

    The search is on for young visionaries who can help build a brighter future by showcasing ideas which can help their communities. The call for innovative thinking from the region’s young minds follows the recent launch of the 2014 Sagicor Visionaries Challenge in countries including Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, Dominica and Belize. Sagicor is encouraging […]

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  20. As a former CXC Registrar urges Bajans to get into Agriculture, TV Series inspire Belizean student for Science: Benefits of SPISE 2014 by Caribbean Science Foundation

    There are 22 students from across the region (four are Bajan) along with various experts are in Barbados for next few weeks developing skills to create a new wave of entrepreneurship through scientific creativity. Accelerating education reform that supports technology-based entrepreneurship – by promoting and funding programs that: 1. Focus on the STEM disciplines. 2. Business & entrepreneurship training. […]

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  21. TANYA CARTER WANTS A ‘BULLIE’ – The song, is also accompanied by a HOT video that was released recently…

    Belizean reggae Star Tanya Carter is back and this time she wants a ‘Bullie‘. The artiste, who has had credible success since the release of her Ex Boyfriend single last year and then followed with Mr. DJ Boy and Crazy, is growing in her music and now is a recognised name in Caribbean Reggae. The […]

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  22. Barbadian-born, MIT-trained Professor lauds CXC at 2014 Sagicor Visionaries Challenge

    Sagicor Life, The Caribbean Science Foundation and the Caribbean Examinations Council teamed up for the 2nd Annual Sagicor Visionaries Challenge. At this event, a key educator praised the Caribbean Examinations Council for its methods of cultivating the skills of future scientists and mathematicians, but there is still room for further development… Dr. Cardinal Warde, Professor Electrical […]

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  23. Let’s work together to end AIDS: Statement from Dr. Edward Greene, UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for HIV in the Caribbean on removing discriminatory laws

    I am saddened by the turn of events leading to the decision of the University of the West Indies (UWI) to terminate the post-retirement contract of Professor Brendan Bain as Director of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training (CHART) Network. I am fully aware of the role and functions of CHART and, moreover, of the importance […]

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  24. HIV in the Caribbean: science, rights and justice (Op-Ed)

    Recently, the discussion on HIV has been a mix of the selective review of scientific evidence, comments on an administrative procedure at the regional university, and perceptions on the existence of agendas that seek either to change or hold back Caribbean societies. Lost in this debate is a Caribbean reality. At the end of 2012, […]

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    Some of the world’s most popular and appealing travel destinations are in jeopardy, vulnerable to issues like climate change and unsustainable development. Several leading organizations have joined forces to address these challenges head-on by helping tourism destinations in the Caribbean and Latin America to safeguard their natural and cultural assets, while enhancing communities and securing […]

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