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  1. ‘Sack Jeremy Clarkson to make a real statement on racism’ How do Barbadians feel?

    (EDITOR’s NOTE: Clarkson due in Barbados shortly, also named his dog which has black fur – after an African soccer player… Why?) JEREMY CLARKSON‘S career at the BBC has come under further pressure after the editor of The Voice newspaper called on the broadcaster to sack the Top Gear presenter for using the N-word if […]

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  2. Unveiling of the ‘World’s Oldest Rum’ at the Mount Gay Visitors Centre

    “After remaining undistributed for well over two centuries in a British cellar, three bottles from a cache of the world’s oldest rum are being returned to their rightful birthplace in Barbados.” Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd., officially the world’s oldest rum distiller, successfully purchased the bottles of historic Barbados rum which date back to 1780, when […]

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  3. USA’s Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State delivers remarks on press freedom at IAPA Mid-Year Meeting in Barbados

    The Inter-American Press Association held their Mid-Year meeting in Barbados over the weekend – Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Mr. John Feeley attended and delivered remarks at the plenary session on Saturday. At the gathering, U.S. Embassy Bridgetown’s Ambassador Larry Palmer introduced his fellow envoy;- The familiar quote from Thomas Jefferson is […]

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  4. Rick Mercer Report: Rosetta Stone – Barbados needed this decades ago! May need another for Budget as well!

    It seems Ottawa is having a preponderance of Chinese construction as per Barbados, however? Unlike Bridgetown – a brave media maverick is making fun of the so-called “Invasion…”

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  5. The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) demands Barbados authorities drop criminal charges against newspaper employees

    The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) called on the authorities of Barbados to drop criminal charges against three employees of the newspaper The Nation, who had allegedly violated the country’s Protection of Children Act by publishing an indecent photograph of minors. On Oct. 26, 2013, The Nation published a story titled Sex Scene featuring a […]

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  6. Biggest Investment Summit On The Caribbean Outside The Region Returns To The U.S. Diaspora

    The biggest investment summit on the Caribbean held outside the region annually, returns with a bang this Caribbean American Heritage Month to New York City. Global investors, business leaders and dignitaries from China, Russia, Africa, Dubai, the United States and the Caribbean will come together for the Invest Caribbean Now 2014, (ICN) summit during Caribbean […]

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  7. Mount Gay returning World’s Oldest Rum to its rightful Barbados Birthplace

    After remaining undisturbed for well over two centuries in a British cellar, three bottles from a cache of the world’s oldest rum are being returned to their rightful birthplace in Barbados. Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd., officially the world’s oldest rum distiller, successfully purchased the bottles of historic Barbados rum which date back to 1780, when […]

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  8. Can Barbados be run like a Company? If MP’s would learn to leave their Egos at home…

    DISCLAIMER – I.A.N.A.E! Like my old pal from Pull-Push, I also am not an Economist, but instead I wish to┬áprovide someways and means I have been mulling in the hopes Barbados would flourish once again, if they are used or adapted then at least progress is made – everyone is operating too close to the […]

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  9. Firearms seized: Why all those shells? Is this just the tip?

    Police this week have seized 4 illegal firearms, and two persons are in custody assisting with investigations. In the first seizure, offucers held & searched an individual who was a person of interest and a .22 automatic was found on him. Investigations are continuing. David Welch; Insp. Pub. Rel’s. Officer (RBPF)

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  10. LIAT Statement On Barbados Free Press Blog Post

    LIAT (1974) Ltd. has taken note of the post, dated 17th January 2014, in the Barbados Free Press online blog of an Article entitled “Report of Conflict of Interest: Saint Vincent PM Ralph Gonsalves said to own 2 LIAT aircraft“. The anonymous author concludes that “The conflict of interest arises because SVG is one of […]

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  11. Several Catch-As Catch-Can Measures Put Forward, Hoping To Grow Economy; By (mainly) Sharon Austin

    Government has implemented a number of initiatives and will introduce others to grow this country’s economy. Mr. Sinckler revealed that Cabinet had signed off on the proposed financing arrangement for the new Sandals Beaches Hotel at Almond, with the Chinese Government. “The coastal work in preparation for the new Cruise Terminal at the Port has […]

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    WARNING – If you’re looking for all that happened sequentially in January, February, etc. then forget it… This is not that kind of reflection, this is a Tally based on Social Media voting, esp. Facebook shares and likes, or actual hit-counts depending on their nature. The trophies are mainly subjective and based on what stayed […]

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  13. Barbados Attorney General Loses Cool: Right & Wrong Way to Handle Media

    Among the many fumbles this Government has performed over 2013 was how it handles visitors who may or may not be of a suspicious nature… Specifically, in finally losing the Shanique Myrie case that was brought before Caricom’s Court of Justice (to replace London’s Privy Council which does not use wig & robes but suit […]

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  14. When Bajan Reporter’s Mom sparked the ire of the Anglican Clergy: the Nation Newspaper’s REAL 40th Anniversary!

    PROLOGUE I deliberately stayed away from the Nation Publishing’s Sr Personnel facing the Beak (old UK slang for Court) but as their 40th Anniversary looms, I will finally make this point… In the article in question, the children’s faces were blurred and therefore the reaction seems extreme in my view – despite my carrying Police […]

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  15. “Diamonds” Tour for Barbados – Cancelled, Banned or did Gov’t simply not have enough funds?

    It was late on Friday and early on the weekend when Bajans learned some disappointing news that Rihanna would NOT perform here next month… (Let’s be honest, disappointing for most Bajans, myself I could not care less for a snotty brat who could wear an obscene pendant into a Catholic church – in my view, […]

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  16. ATR and LIAT sign Global Maintenance Agreement

    The European manufacturer of turboprop aircraft ATR and the Caribbean carrier LIAT have announced the signature of a Global Maintenance Agreement (GMA) for the airline’s new fleet of ATR -600 aircraft. Signed for an initial period of 10 years, the contract will cover the four ATR 42-600s and four ATR 72-600s that will be operated […]

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  17. Excuse me, Barbados Free Press… Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean retains all rights to Barbados-grown cotton

    Exclusive Cottons of the Caribbean Inc. (ECCI), the company responsible for transforming West Indian Sea Island Cotton (WISIC) into a viable industry, has taken issue with inaccurate statements about Barbados’ cotton industry being made in a press release being circulated on Internet news websites and blogs in the United States (US) and Barbados. ECCI says […]

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  18. Is Barbados Free Press Dead? Ian Bourne finally vindicated! Tabloid Blog inactive for 3 weeks!

    For years I have endured teasing, ribbing, jokes and outright threats how I, Ian Bourne, am both or either Barbados Free Press & B’dos Underground as well as here at Bajan Reporter – where do I find the time, I always reply… The answers are beyond ridiculous or sublime and verge on something which would […]

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  19. Precious Metals and Second Hand Metals Act – Stops Barbadian Crime or Kills Entrepreneurial Spirit?

    CAVEAT This story is only now appearing as I was researching a lot of details which I needed to verify before just releasing the video. Such as how can Legislation be enacted only after Parliament was dissolved for Elections at the beginning of this year? I was able to verify this by directly asking the […]

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  20. If 2010 was left alone, would 2013 have a Female PM for Barbados? Congrats to Mia Mottley, a more sober approach to Gov’t?

    The reactions on Bajan Social Media have been tumultuous and conflicting, while the majority praise the change in the Barbadian political arena… Mia Mottley restored to Opposition Leader of Barbados, with MP of St Peter, Owen Arthur, not present as the 13 remaining members agreed between them selves to turn the clock back to 2010 […]

    February 25, 2013Editorial, Political4 comments
  21. Campaign 2013 for Barbados – Spitting Match or Chance to show people how Parties have Conscience after all?

    — Listen to the voice sayin’ follow me When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score When two tribes go to war, a point is all that you can score We’ve got two tribes (We got the bomb, we got the bomb) Somethin’ this good died… Frankie Goes To […]

    February 20, 2013Editorial, Political1 comment
  22. The Ravens are crowing over Super Bowl – But Is There a Shortage of Chicken Wings?

    Not only was Barbadian Ramon Harewood part of the Baltimore Ravens who won this year’s Super Bowl, but even food in the USA for the popular event featured Bajan style cuisine… Colette Burnett, owner of Super Wings New York, announced her restaurants served over 2 tons of chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday. “We have […]

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  23. Whopper of a Tale – Burger King in Haggatt Hall, Galloping Gourmet? Horse-feathers!

    Okay, lets get the supposedly horrific stuff out of the way – it seems Burger King (BK) in England – not Barbados – has served burgers which have 29% horse meat, millions of patties have been pulled. Not just the fast food chain, but Tesco, which uses the same processing company as BK. On my […]

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  24. This Was The Year That Was – Bajan Reporter’s Social Media Reminisce of 2012

    This is way overdue, since December 3rd or 23rd depending on your point of view (POV), when Bajan Reporter became 6 altogether for the latter date and the earlier date is the day it became a website in 2009. Back in 2006 we had little material, examining the antics of my cats, publishing reviews the […]

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  25. Dottin Strikes Back – Police Commissioner’s 2012 In Review responds to Derick Crawford and compares Barbados Murders to Other Islands

    While a boost in crime for Barbados is marginal, it is still 2.4% upwards – according to Commissioner of Police, Darwin Dottin, who recently stirred British stumps with his view on the rape case where accused Derick Crawford was acquitted mainly due to the two alleged victims’ intervention… The Commissioner is of the view if […]

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