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  1. Difficult Conversations – “Thank You” by Grenville Phillips II

    Last Sunday, I decided to get a sea-bath before the lockdown. It was the first time I entered the sea in years. When I got to Accra beach, I noticed the yellow flags. There was no lifeguard on duty, so I asked the security guard to keep an eye on me. She said that she […]

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  2. Former Dale Carnegie Instructor suggests 2015 Resolution, Drop Negativity

    Participants not only learned about Budgeting and Saving or How to Manage Credit as well as Planning for your Success. There was a motivational speaker at the “Your Financial Health” seminar which was held at Scotiabank Rockley

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  3. As Barbadians make a momentous decision – afterwards you can try a different way to pause and reflect? Ask Madonna!

    Louise Veronica Ciccone (when she got married to Guy Ritchie, she had Kabbalah designs placed on her wrist, her video “Frozen” is said to be based on Kabbalistic principles) is just as much a spokesperson for Kabbalah as Thomas Cruise Mapother IV is a mouthpiece for Scientology, however Kabbalah now has a Barbadian voice who […]

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