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  1. RAISED BY THE WOLVES: HBO-Max Series, Dir. By Ridley Scott

    Twisted allegory on 3 Little Pigs – Androids are tasked with raising human children on a mysterious planet.

    August 6, 2020Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  2. “TANGERINES” (2015): Anti-War Drama directed by Zaza Urushadze

    Set in 1992, during the growing conflict between Georgia and Abkhazian separatists in the wake of the Soviet Union’s dissolution, this compassionate tale focuses on two Estonian immigrant farmers who decide to remain in Georgia long enough to harvest their tangerine crop. When the war comes to their doorsteps, Ivo (played by legendary Estonian actor […]

    March 23, 2015Cinema, Controversy, Video GalleryNo comments
  3. Trinidad+Tobago Film ‘Forward Ever’ screens at Pan African Film Festival, Los Angeles

    Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution, directed and produced by Bruce Paddington, was an official selection at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, California in February 2015. Forward Ever explores the achievements and shortcomings of the People’s Revolutionary Government (1979-1983) of Grenada as it attempted to forge a new revolutionary society. The […]

    March 17, 2015CinemaNo comments
  4. “Home” (2015) – Jim Parsons & Rihanna: Animated Movie HD

    Tip, with her chubby cat Oink, finds herself the unwilling accomplice of a banished Boov named Oh. The two fugitives realize there’s a lot more at stake than intergalactic relations as they embark on the road trip of a lifetime.

    November 30, 2014Cartoons, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  5. ‘The Humbling’ – Al Pacino, Adaptation of Philip Roth novel

    An aged and addled actor has his world turned upside down after he embarks upon an affair with a lesbian, in this acidulous adaptation of the Philip Roth novel.

    October 26, 2014Books, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  6. “KIRK CAMERON’S ‘SAVING CHRISTMAS'” (Family Comedy – 2014)

    This Christmas, have your family join with Kirk Cameron‘s family and dive headfirst into all the joy, dancing, celebration, feasting, imagination, and traditions that glorify the true “reason for the season.” Take in the splendor; take in the majesty; take in the story. Take it all in … and then take back Christmas!

    October 23, 2014Cinema, Culture, Video GalleryNo comments
  7. “L.A. Slasher” (2014) – Mischa Barton, Dave Bautista Movie HD

    Incensed by the tabloid culture which celebrates it, the L.A. Slasher publicly abducts a series of reality TV stars, while the media and general public in turn begin to question if society is better off without them. A biting, social satire about reality TV and the glorification of people who are famous for simply being […]

    September 30, 2014Crime, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  8. “THE SCRIBBLER” (Sci-Fi Thriller: Sasha Grey -2014)

    THE SCRIBBLER follows Suki (Katie Cassidy), a young woman confronting her destructive mental illness using “The Siamese Burn,” an experimental machine designed to eliminate multiple personalities. The closer Suki comes to being “cured,” she’s haunted by a thought… what if the last unwanted identity turns out to be her?

    September 24, 2014Cinema, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments
  9. Marvel Comic Book Group’s 75th Anniversary: The 60’s & 70’s

    Follow the history of Marvel Comics from the birth of the Marvel Universe into an age of expansion! Featuring the Avengers, Spider-Man, Thor, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, the X-Men, Black Widow, Daredevil, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and many more!

    August 26, 2014Books, Cartoons, Video GalleryNo comments
  10. ROCKS IN MY POCKETS: Fighting madness with a smile?

    A fantastical tale based on true events, about five women of Signe Baumane‘s family, including herself, and their battles with depression and madness.

    August 14, 2014Cartoons, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  11. “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” (2014) – Gary Oldman & Andy Serkis: CGI/Science Fiction HD June 22, 2014Books, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  12. “Annie” Modernisation of Depression Story (2014) – Jamie Foxx & QuvenzhanĂ© Wallis Movie HD June 12, 2014Books, Cinema, Video GalleryNo comments
  13. ‘Locker 13’ – Visual Anthology worthy of Rod Serling

    Skip delves into the mysteries of an old locker. His sage supervisor recounts chilling tales that underscore the importance of making the right choice. The stories come into play when Skip faces a life-or-death decision of his own.

    March 5, 2014Cinema, Oddity, Video GalleryNo comments