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  1. “Hustles and Scams: How the art scene does not work” by Lilian Sten-Nicholson

    Let me introduce myself. I am a painter, printmaker and freelance writer. Painting is my main gig. I have been a painter for as long as I can remember. But, I have also been involved in the visual arts in many other capacities, as a curator, administrator, consultant, tertiary level art tutor and art critic […]

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  2. Difficult Conversations – “How to own your house in six years” by Grenville Phillips II

    A home mortgage is the price people pay for having a house before it is fully paid for. The price the unfortunate homeowners must pay is very high indeed – they must repay more than twice what they borrowed. Why would people choose to repay so much, in an uncertain economy, for 30-years? Why would […]

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  3. “Difficult Conversations – Stay and Live” by Grenville Phillips II

    On 1st August 2007, the Interstate-35 West bridge collapsed in Mississippi, killing 13 people and injuring 145. During the news reports, Engineers were criticized for not being explicit enough in their warnings about the “structurally deficient” rating of the bridge. Two months after the bridge collapsed, I wrote an article explicitly warning about the vulnerability […]

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    A leading Credit Union exponent believes as children begin a new school year, they should prepare for leadership by assisting those who may need not just less well off, but in building character… Speaking at the Sandiford Centre on Two Mile Hill, the former Senator says there will be many benefits once this is done. […]

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  5. (#BARBADOS GOV’T INFO. SERVICE) Hurricane Tips – Travel

    The 2019 Hurricane season is well underway, and by now all preparations should be in place in the event a weather system affects the island. Here are some important tips when travelling during the hurricane season: 1. Keep your travel documents in a waterproof container or package 2. Provide a family member or friend with […]

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    Police are investigating a report made by a thirty two (32) year old Christ Church woman, who was attacked and her motor car stolen sometime around 8:35 pm, on Friday the 7th of July 2017, while travelling along Upton Road, St. Michael, in the area of the old BET building. Circumstances The young lady was […]

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  7. Sky Mall Wedding Expo (Prize Winner)

    Tricia Augustine of Soulmates presents business card draw winner Cherise Holder with a hamper after she gave a lecture on Wedding Planning…

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    Failure is not an end it is the next step for greatness, and money placed in education guarantees a country’s prowess in the world market. Mr Miller says people may wonder why education is not having the results it used to have as decades before, he sees the time as ripe for the private sector […]

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  9. Barbadian Attorney calls for New Approach in Passing on Ethical Values to Children

    Attorney-at-Law and Commonwealth Professional Fellow, Kaye Williams, wonders whether Barbadians are facing a “new norm” when seeking to pass on necessary core values and ethical principles to the younger generation. She quoted the Greek Philosopher Heraclitus who said that “the only thing that is constant is change“, while putting forward her own view of the […]

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  10. Phipps postpones speech for Corporate Lifecycles Caribbean conference

    CEO of P three Business Development, Barbara Dennis, remarks how the conference allows both large or small businesses to advance;- British High Commissioner Victoria Dean says the benefits are tremendous and not just another chance for Britain to look good to its former colonies;-

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  11. U.S. Embassy hosts President of Howard University in presentation on American Higher Education

    The U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the OECS was pleased to host Dr. Wayne Frederick, the President of Howard University, in Grenada and Barbados as he delivered free public lectures on higher education options in the United States. Dr. Frederick, a Trinidadian by birth, is a U.S. physician and academic, and was […]

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  12. European Day against the Death Penalty – Statement by EU Ambassador, Mikael Barfod

    As we commemorate the European Day against the Death Penalty on October 10th, the abolition of the Death Penalty remains a key objective for the European Union’s human rights policy. We are therefore pleased that there have been no executions in Barbados since 1984! The last execution in any of our countries was seven years […]

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  13. How to break habits (from The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg)

    The key to exercising regularly, losing weight, raising exceptional children, becoming more productive, building revolutionary companies and social movements, and achieving success is understanding how habits work. Habits aren’t destiny. As Charles Duhigg shows, by harnessing this new science, we can transform our businesses, our communities, and our lives.

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    Young entrepreneurs from across the Eastern and Southern Caribbean were encouraged to dream big, take risks, and affix their “brand” onto the world stage at the opening ceremony of the Caribbean Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (C-YES) at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in the Barbadian district of Hastings, Christ Church. “These 21 entrepreneurs represent what you can […]

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    An opportunity for all “to pause, take stock and fresh guard“. Mrs. Best said: “It is an opportunity for us to evaluate the status of our commitment to this noble profession which we have chosen. We need this kind of honest reflection if we are to grow as professionals and provide the kind of education […]

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  16. Author Signing in October, Book is for Professional Caribbean Women & Men

    Jamaican born Patrice DaCosta Fernandez, CEO of Stoosh Images, launches her new book, “Stoosh Style Secrets,” revealing tips for Caribbean women and men to aid in their personal and professional development. This is the first book of this kind to be published by a Caribbean national. The author says, “Across the Caribbean islands, the challenges […]

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  17. What happens in Vegas comes to SOTIC: Caribbean Tourism Organization’s State of the Industry Conference

    The key to Las Vegas’ continued success as a tourist destination and how its success is achieved will be shared at the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s State of the Industry Conference (SOTIC) in Curaçao in October. While Las Vegas is synonymous with casino gambling, Caroline Coyle, the vice president of brand strategy at the Las Vegas […]

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  18. Trinidad’s New Leader praised for restraint in face of Barbados’ Inept Finance Minister suggesting how to Operate

    When Barbadian Finance Minister Chris Sinckler advised the leader of the newly-elected People’s National Movement (PNM) government in Trinidad and Tobago Dr Keith Rowley there is no magic wand to fix the issues currently facing his Republic, many Trinis admired how Keith resisted telling Chris that his mother arrived – alias “Paul, You Mother Come” […]

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  19. Tribute to Dorien Pile by the Leader of the Opposition: Mia Amor Mottley – QC, MP

    I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing earlier today, of Mrs. Dorien Pile, one of Barbados’ most outstanding educators since Independence. Mrs. Pile was the first and only female headmistress to date, of Combermere School. I always found her to be a kind, compassionate person, who displayed a quiet dignity which enabled her […]

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  20. Waterway Media unveils imprint ‘WM Magazine’ & creates history

    Magazine history was made in Barbados when WM Magazine was officially launched on the digital publishing platform ISSUU recently. The electronic magazine (e-magazine/e-mag) which is available for free reads and downloads, highlights the importance of understanding that entrepreneurship is not only about business and finance, but is a lifestyle. The new monthly magazine, also delivers […]

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  21. “Stuart’s Social Partnership Call? 7 Years Too Late!” – Clement Payne Movement

    So, some seven years after the “People’s Empowerment Party” (PEP) publicly called for the democratization and broadening of the “Social Partnership“, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart finally, and belatedly, catches up and echoes the PEP’s call! What a shame that it took you so long, Mr Stuart! In the PEP’s January 2008 Election Manifesto — at […]

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  22. New Policy tailored for Small Business Owners

    Barbadian entrepreneurs have a different method to safeguard their companies from the ravages of possible disasters, both created and natural, through ICBL’s Advantage Plus Combined Business Package. “The new Advantage Plus Combined Business Package is designed with the business owner, in mind – offering the perfect blend of business insurance. This package provides coverage for […]

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  23. 10 Ways Caribbean Luxury Brands Can Tap into the US$1.1 Trillion Market

    A stellar retail experience both offline and on, top notch products and a killer marketing strategy are a few of the ways one digital strategist believes the Caribbean can attract more of the trillion dollar luxury goods market. A recent article via ForbesLife indicates that in 2014, global expenditure on luxury goods amounted to just […]

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  24. Barbadians must override their mis-trusting needles and pills if they’re to successfully reverse Diabetes

    A leading medical specialist has warned too many Barbadians are avoiding their correct treatments for handling diabetes simply for hatred or fear of trivial events… He cited how Metformin costs less than Insulin, does not affect Hypoglycemic patients, and according to a recent UK poll proved it successfully reduced Diabetic Complications by 42%; incidents of […]

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  25. IGM Lighting & Scotiabank’s Jr Monarch – Growing Together

    As the story goes, a young company was contracted to provide services for the National Cultural Foundation’s new Junior Calypso Monarch and they immediately saw the vision of this evolving programme. Recognising the potential, even in its embryonic phase, to the development of the many juniors who would grace its stages over the years, the […]

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