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    The Royal Barbados Police Force is continuing investigations into accident which occurred on Saturday the 6th of February 2021 about 07:00 am. along the ABC Highway in the area of Balls, Christ Church. This accident resulted in the death of pedal cyclist Ezra Moseley. At that time of the incident, medical assistance was rendered by […]

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  2. Road Traffic Collision near Christie Village

    Northern Division Officers continue to seek a solution what led to a road traffic collision involving two motor cars and a pickup truck which occurred about 2:00 pm am on Saturday 6th February 2021 along the Bennetts section of the Ronald Mapp Highway near its junction with Christie Village road. S U M M A […]

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  3. Arawak Cement Employee succumbs to lethal Industrial Accident

    Police at Crab Hill Police Station confirmed social media reports of an Industrial incident on the compound of the Arawak Cement Plant sometime during the early hours of Sunday December 27th 2020. At 03:08 that morning, three employees of the Arawak Cement Plant – Brian Moore Plant Attendant, Vincent Ellis Process Supervisor,and Erroll Lewis Plant […]

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  4. Former Frere Pilgrim resident is now most recent Road Traffic Fatality

    Police responded to the scene of a road traffic fatality which happened around 12:03 am on Sunday 20th September 2020 along Cox road, Christ Church. SUMMARY Two vehicles were travelling in opposing directions along the said road when for some reason still under investigation they both became involved in a collision. Both drivers lost control […]

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  5. Road Fatality on St Stephen’s Hill, Police noted

    Police at Black Rock Police Station are investigating the most recent Road Fatality which occurred about 1:30pm on Wednesday, September 09, 2020 along St. Stephen’s Hill, Black Rock, St. Michael. S U M M A R Y Involved was one vehicle MX-934 a Daihatsu Mira and a pedal cyclist. MX-934 was travelling along St. Stephen’s […]

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  6. Traffic collision for 2020 is 6th Road Fatality

    Police responded to the scene of a road traffic collision which resulted in the 6th road fatality of the year with a young male. The collision occurred about 9:50 pm on Thursday, 2nd July 2020 along Highway 2A in the area of Welches, St. Thomas. S U M M A R Y The vehicle was […]

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  7. The Fight for Breathalyzer Tests in Barbados: Richard Cox’s Legacy

    The year 2018 had one of the highest fatality rates in Barbados in over a decade, with roughly 30-35% of road fatalities being attributed to driving under the influence. Recently, one of the most fervent warriors for road safety and the use of breathalyzers in Barbados, Richard Cox, passed away. Sharmane Roland-Bowen, President of the Barbados Road Safety Association, […]

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    On Monday, 21 January, 2019 about 12:12 pm an accident with injuries occurred along Black Rock, Main Road, St. Michael. Involved were Hamal Amal Lamar Phillips, 30 of Jackson Terrace, Stage 2, St. Michael, owner of motorcycle ME 9157 and 52 year old Robert Leslie Burrowes, driver and owner of motor vehicle MV 357 from […]

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  9. UN Road Safety Convention: Should Barbados Seek Accession?

    Barbados has a high road traffic mortality rate, with 27 lives lost in 2018. The government has indicated that road safety will be one of its priorities, amending the Road Traffic Act to provide additional measures to protect the loss of lives on the road. However, Barbados is not a contracting party to the UN Road Safety Conventions, […]

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  10. Stay Safe On The Roads This Holiday Season

    Are all road accidents avoidable? As with any other part of the world, the quest to tackle mortality on the roads has been a significant challenge in the Caribbean these last few decades. Thousands of lives have perished thanks to bad road infrastructure, as well as bad driving decisions including unroadworthy vehicles and drunk-driving. As we navigate […]

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  11. Barbadian Pedestrians Upping Road Traffic Accident Rate

    Barbados officially holds the 161st place in the world rankings of road safety in terms of traffic accidents, according to data compiled by the World Health Organization. Barbados Sergeant Seibert Johnson of the Royal Barbados Police Force recently declared his worry over the number of deadly accidents, many of which involved pedestrians. Johnson noted that 27 of the […]

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    Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a Mass Casualty incident which occurred sometime around ten past one this morning at Dodds Road, Dodds, St Philip. Involved were a motor van driven by Kenneth Ashby 48 years of Water Street, Christ Church and a motor vehicle driven Keisha Fox 29 years an American Visitor staying at […]

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  13. 21st Road Fatality – ADAMS HIGHWAY

    Police are investigating a road traffic accident which occurred about 3:25 Saturday afternoon along the Adams’ section of the ABC Highway about 200 meters west of the Chickmont building, in the parish of Christ Church. The Royal Barbados Police Force expresses sincere condolences to the Family, Relatives and Friends of the deceased. Officers are therefore […]

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  14. Bermudian cyclist ‘critical’ after crash

    A 66-year-old pedal cyclist was fighting for his life in Bermuda now after his bicycle was in collision with a motorcycle. The man suffered serious head and neck injuries in the crash, while the male motorcyclist sustained leg injuries, The collision happened on Middle Road, Devonshire near its junction with Vesey Street just before midnight […]

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  15. Double Road Fatality – Black Main Road, St. Michael

    Police are solving a double road fatality from a Road traffic Collision which occurred about one’clock in the wee hours of Sunday 20th May 2018 along Black Rock main road near its junction with St. Stephens Hill Road, St. Michael. The white Suzuki Vitara motor van registration number MY997 was driven by the now deceased […]

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    Police are still actively conducting investigations into a “Hit and Run” accident which occurred sometime after 6:00 pm, on Sunday the 11th of March 2018, along Bibby’s Lane, St. Michael, involving a pedestrian and a motor van, registration number and driver unknown, which resulted in serious injuries to the pedestrian – Mr. Ronald Knight 45 […]

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  17. Road Fatality Claims Former Resident of Indian Ground

    Police are conducting investigation into the circumstances surrounding the most recent Road fatality which occurred sometime around 4:00 am, on Saturday the 20th of January 2018, along Belle Gully Road, St. Michael, which resulted in the death of Alberto Fabrisco Samuel, 35 years of Green Hill, St. Michael, and formerly of Indian Ground, St.Peter, and […]

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  18. Three Car Smash-Up Near Waterford Bottom

    Police are looking to solve what led to a three vehicular collision with injuries which occurred sometime around 8:15, on Friday the 5th of January 2018, along the Barrow Section, of the ABC Highway, which resulted in four (4) persons being injured. Lowe complained for pain to his back, whilst Alleyne and Williams complained for […]

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    Police continue to endure an accident filled weekend and looking to solve one with injuries which occurred sometime around 9:50 pm, on Saturday the 2nd of December 2017, along My Lord’s Hill, St. Michael, involving a motor van which collided with a guard wall, resulting in eight (8) persons being injured. Circumstances The motor van […]

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    Police are conducting investigation into a three-vehicular accident with injuries, which occurred sometime around 4:30 am on Sunday the 3rd of December 2017, along the Ronald Mapp Highway. The first motor car was being driven by David Ifill 42 years of Fox Club Road, Gardens, St. James, while the second motor car was being driven […]

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    Police continue to probe what led to this country’s most recent Road fatality which occurred sometime around 4:45 am on Sunday the 3rd of December 2017, along My Lords Hill, St. Michael, which resulted in the death of Amanda Danielle Byer, 31 years of Coral land, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, and injury to Jeffrey Callender, […]

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  22. Multi-Vehicular Accident With Injuries in Rockley (VIDEO)

    Police are conducting investigation into an accident with injuries which occurred sometime around 4:45 pm, on Friday the 17th of November 2017, along Rockley Road, Christ Church ( opposite Blue Orchid Hotel), involving a minibus, a route taxi, and two(2) motor cars, which resulted in ten (10) persons complaining for neck and back pains. The […]

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  23. Barbadian Road Rage? Two accidents in less than 12 Hrs apart…

    Police continue to solve two accidents with injuries, the first of which occurred sometime around 6:35 yesterday morning, along the Princess Alice Highway, St. Michael, involving two (2) Route Taxis, which resulted in six (6) persons receiving minor injuries. The first Route Taxi was being driven by Donaghue Pollard 38 years of Canefiled, St. Thomas, […]

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  24. Road Fatality in Salters, Minivan involved with Collision

    Police are continuing to investigate the Road fatality which occurred sometime after 1:00 pm on Monday the 11th of September 2017, along Salters Road, St. Michael, which resulted in the death of Purshothamdos Samtani 70 years of Elizabeth Park, Christ Church. Samtani died at the scene. Five passengers aboard the minibus received non-life threatening injuries, […]

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    The island’s sole cement manufacturer, Arawak Cement Company Limited has achieved a major safety milestone of one-year accident free. This achievement was recognised at a luncheon held recently during the which the company treated all staff and contractors to a sumptuous buffet lunch and branded gifts. General Manager Manuel Toro congratulated the staff and emphasised […]

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