• Damon Corrie is a Barbadian in his mid-30’s and through birth of paternal Trinidadian and maternal Guyanese, he’s proudly of Arawak descent, he’s a registered observer at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), a member of the Indigenous Caucus at the Organization of American States (OAS).
  • Rawle Nelson is a transplant from G-Town or Guyana and resides now in St Kitts covering a wide range of matters which Basseterre or Georgetown would rather dismiss or give low rung status, known for his determination and fearlessness – he pursues the story no matter what!

Dawn Maddalone



  • Dr. Dawn Maddalone, DC is a chiropractor practicing in Barbados for the past 20 years, her office is located behind Quayside Mall in Rockley.









Kathie Daniel's pride & joy
Kathie Daniel's pride & joy
  • Kathie Daniel is the proud owner of Southpaw Grafix but in her spare time she covers and promotes the previously comatose art of Rugby in Barbados, she also covers the fund-raising activities of Queen’s College with great alacrity as well. Married with children, she often considers cloning as an option to accomplish her personal goals and tasks.




  • The Devil’s Advocate is mostly a number of concerned people who have Barbados’ interests at heart, yet many of them appear afraid to openly express their views for fear of reprisals – this is an indicator Barbados still has a ways to go before becoming truly democratic and have full accountability and transparency as well as proper Freedom of Speech laws.




  • Ian Bourne first spoke into a microphone at the age of nine to record what turned out to be many commercials over the years, but his broadcast career took off a little further on in Life. In his twenties, Ian was one of the founding members of Yess Ten-Four, a Starcom Network subsidiary now rebranded as Love FM. Determined to prove his career options were many, Ian has tried his hands at other jobs – jewellery salesman, nightclub emcee, publicist for a Barbadian Government Department and a stint with the Chamber of Commerce… However, since most people recall him as the jovial anchor for CBC TV-8 from 1998 to 2005, so he decided to resume in gathering News but relay it via Internet to share with the world.
  • Jack Hudson is a financial writer who writes articles for financial blogs. He has immense knowledge on topics on finance and contributes his articles to various websites that are related to US finance. He also writes news articles on the current US economy and the debt industry. Some topics covered by him are debt relief options for debtors, impact of national debt on the US economy and many more.
Jack Hudson – Financial Writer and Consultant Website: Student Loans Company Personal Blog: Personal Finance 85, Tucson Road, Zip code: 85456 Contact(s): Skype: jack_hudson237 jack_hudson237@
  • Ena Priscilla is a mature lady from the Eastern Caribbean, with strong maverick views compared to the average conservative Bajan, she enjoys wrestling with the vagaries of the English language be it review, poetry or an essay. She has worked at more than one media outlet for close to three quarters of a century, yet maintains the outlook of someone half her age!