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Oliver Coughlan, Digicel Chief Executive Officer - Caribbean & Central America, said: "Digicel has been working with many online educational platforms to provide children with safe educational resources during this time, but with children spending more time online, we recognise the potential for danger, which is why we've partnered with SafeToNet. We acknowledge and applaud parents for doing their best, but we know that they can't always police their child's online usage, and as children grow into teenagers they're also deserving of a level of privacy and independence as they mature and want to make their own decisions. SafeToNet's technology gives parents peace of mind, because they know that their children's digital wellbeing is being safeguarded." Digicel Group has opened applications for its first cohort of the Digicel Graduate Programme and is looking for the brightest and the best. If you are a creative problem solver, with a knack for solut…

The CXC Tragedy: One Year On

Despite what was said at the CXC press conference, CXC may have heard the students and teachers, but they clearly neither listened nor cared, based on their 2021 Exam plans. And apparently parents are non-existent to CXC, as we were not referenced at all at the press conference!. Apparently one must be part of a formal entity to be 'recognised', even in crisis management! Old fashioned 'form over substance' is alive and well! September 22 marks one year since the release of the Caribbean Examination Council’s 2020 CSEC and CAPE examination results, and the start of a struggle to secure the best interests of, and fair…

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