It has been said many ways… ‘Paul pays for all,’ or ‘One bad apple spoils,’ and other variations including counters from Mr Big, but the fact of the matter is? This site does NOT run on wind-cakes and spit-pies… I have expenses and needs, wants, and other bills the same as anyone else! As a new year approaches, new rules abide too…

If ICBL and NSR Ltd (possess eMail correspondence on both to prove it) can decide to abandon a payment scheme on the last tranche and not even provide a month’s notice, then why should I cut slack for anyone else? It’s like Groceries – you can’t eat or drink until they’re paid for, simple as that!

Far too often over the years I have been stood up – not just by small companies, which is not surprising when large companies play the fool (more on that shortly), but known entities with supposed track records do utter ignorance!

There are no waivers or any advertisers who are exempt, tired of imitating a tax collector, only to get screamed at me; “CALLING ME EVERY DAY DON’T MAKE THE MONEY APPEAR ANY FASTER!” I took down the Ad (now used as a Demo) the second I hung up on that caller, I will be no one’s chattel ever again!

As a result of inordinate waiting times, or cases where I’ve nearly been embarrassed to my webmaster by merchants who should know better? I am officially operating like a Supermarket or Fast Food Outlet, you pay and then the Ad is inserted and it is a Lump Sum up front, No Exceptions whatsoever!