About Us

Delivering opinions and uncovering news on Barbados and the Caribbean that don’t ordinarily make most Barbadian or regional newscasts… Barbados news tinged with humor, looking at gossip, sports, arts, entertainment and opinions not found in regular newspapers.

The site was founded by Ian Bourne, a former News Anchor, in Barbados. Ian felt more could be done with news from Barbados rather than the same old boring info that typical Barbadian agencies were told to relay via their advertisers or politicians they did not want to offend. In addition, while Art is recognised as Headline News, and from time to time detailed analyses may appear of any exhibition, at the same time we strive to provide reviews any Bajan from any walk of life can scroll through and read without scrambling for a Rosetta stone or whatever other means to interpret and understand – failing which, we usually hyperlink the word or phrase to a relevant online definition or explanation.

The Bajan Reporter started as a simple one man free-hosted blog in late 2006 and when the readership jumped to 1,100 a day after three years, the decision was made to switch into a fully detailed website consisting of stories from a slew of contributors from all over the Caribbean & the world. The site was recently acquired by Illinois native Hal Dresden, and he appointed Glasgow expat Iain MacBea to handle editing while Mr Bourne will exert his editorial skills from time to time in a consultory capacity…