Brei Carter’s Genre-Hopping Collaboration “Boots Get To Talking” Now Has Its Own Line Dance

Brei Carter’s Genre-Hopping Collaboration “Boots Get To Talking” Now Has Its Own Line Dance

Country soul singer-songwriter Brei Carter’s critically acclaimed and genre-hopping song “Boots Get To Talking” now has its own line dance. Thanks to her music pal and the song’s co-creator, Elektrohorse, “Boots Get To Talking” is being introduced to country club DJs and line dance instructors everywhere.

“Dance is the heart’s declaration that every moment in life is celebration for joy,” Carter said. “It’s not just a desire, but a soul’s yearning to leap, twist, and shine. This songs dance is something I am excited about because people are doing exactly what I’d hope they’d do from it!” 

Genre blending country soul singer-songwriter Brei Carter is creating her own lane. She is proof that sometimes faith, patience and time pays off. Growing up in Monroe, Louisiana with a solid, southern upbringing, Brei’s family raised her on several authentic southern s choir, Charley Pride, Loretta Lynn, Aretha Franklin, and no shortage of familial love and devotion.

Available everywhere digitally now [Stream here] and on her YouTube channel (@BreiCarter), the song’s music video was also shot and produced by Elektrohorse, who mashes up and layers in musical elements and themes of R&B, Hip-Hop and Dance into Carter’s established Country musical backbone, and creates an energetic and fun dance song that has had her fans up on their feet since its release.  

“’Boots Get To Talking’ is a celebration of my beginnings, my journey with cherished memories of my birthplace,” said Carter. “It’s like an ode to the roots that have shaped me, and all the familial bonds that have been my foundation, with love, laughter, family gatherings and the good times. It’s my new anthem and I call it home!” 

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