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Nevis pushing to drill for new water in the face of diminished rainfall

Nevis pushing to drill for new water in the face of diminished rainfall

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The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) is looking to expedite the process of drilling for new sources of ground water in light of the fact that the island of Nevis is already experiencing early signs of diminished rainfall.

“We are pursuing our water drilling project. We have received some bids but we did ask for some additional information and I anticipate that we will make a decision shortly on the successful bidder so that we can proceed with the drilling to get additional water into the system,” said Premier of Nevis the Honourable Mark Brantley, addressing the media representatives at his monthly press conference.

“We are already seeing early signs of diminished rainfall. It’s already hitting us, and if you look around the island you’re already seeing the effects of that diminished rainfall.”

The NIA is also moving expeditiously to commence the drilling process in expectation of added pressure on the island’s water distribution system due to the anticipated large influx of persons for the 50th Anniversary of Culturama and Homecoming Celebrations in late July into early August.

According to Premier Brantley, the issue of adequate water during the Culturama 50 festivities has been discussed at the Cabinet level.

“I’ve said to the Minister with responsibility for water the Honourable Spencer Brand, how are we going to ensure that we don’t have any collapse in the water system if we are expecting thousands of people here for Culturama.

“So he’s aware of it and we are hopeful that we can expedite that drilling and get additional water into the system in time for late July early August when we expect the island to be inundated with persons. So the Minister has his marching orders from the Cabinet that we need to proceed with alacrity to get the drilling done.”

In the meantime Premier Brantley continues to urge the populace to be responsible in their water usage and not to waste water but endeavor to conserve as much of the critical resource as possible.

He encouraged persons building homes and commercial buildings to include water catchment such as cisterns and water tanks.

“As we know, a lot of rainfall that we get we lose it. It just runs off and goes into the ocean. So we need to capture and retain more of the rainfall. If we’re getting less rain it makes sense that we capture as much of it as we can when we do get it.”

Premier Brantley assured that the government is still pursuing the construction of a desalination plant as an additional measure to ensure consumers on Nevis have an adequate supply of water.

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