MGP Entertainment’s Generous Donation to HIV Food Bank for World AIDS Day

MGP Entertainment’s Generous Donation to HIV Food Bank for World AIDS Day

In a heartwarming display of corporate responsibility and community partnership, MGP Entertainment has stepped forward yet again with a significant donation of food items to the HIV Food Bank. HIV agencies described it as a commendable gesture that not only underscores MGP’s commitment to social impact but also marks a meaningful collaboration with the National HIV/AIDS Commission (NHAC). 

The HIV Food Bank, an essential lifeline for individuals and families affected by and living with HIV, received the contribution on the eve of World AIDS Day from MGP Entertainment Director Omar Knight JP who noted that “MGP Entertainment is known for its dedication to both entertainment and social causes. The impact of this donation extends beyond any immediate provision of sustenance; it is a powerful message of compassion, solidarity, and shared responsibility”. 

MGP Entertainment partnered with the NHAC during Crop Over with the Ultra-Premium All Inclusive breakfast party Mimosa.

NHAC Public Relations Officer, Fabian Todd noted “This partnership not only underscores MGP’s dedication to community engagement but also highlights the intersection of entertainment, culture, and social responsibility. Crop Over, is a vibrant and culturally significant festival, providing an opportune moment for the NHAC to raise awareness about HIV and promote a message of inclusivity and support”. 

Food Bank representative, Beverly Culpepper, accepted the donation on behalf of the community served by the HIV Food Bank and the broader network of individuals impacted by HIV. She expressed a heartfelt thank you to MGP Entertainment stating that its commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those affected by HIV was truly commendable. 

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