Forever Young – Bernard Hill: Dark Matter Studios

Forever Young – Bernard Hill: Dark Matter Studios

Meet 70-year-old Robyn Smith (Diana Quick), a once-acclaimed author, contemplating putting her pen down forever amidst a life crisis in the serene English countryside. As she faces a diminishing readership and navigates through the bittersweet waves of a childless life and her parents’ unvoiced regret of her existence, her world is about to take an unexpected turn.

When a groundbreaking age-reversing drug, seen as the cure for regret, is presented to her by scientist Jim Petrak (Mark Jackson), Robyn embarks on a daring journey without a second thought. But with the promise of newfound youth and potential happiness, come unexpected complications and a stark revelation: sometimes the cure for regret breeds its own remorse… and unexpected joy.

70-year-old Robyn takes a formula that reverses the aging process, unlocking the chance to rewrite her life and facing her deepest regret.

Get ready to be whisked into a whirlwind of emotions, relationships, and a transformative adventure through Robyn’s eyes. Can the path to the past pave the way for a brighter future? Or will it unravel new complexities in her relationships with her husband Oscar (Bernard Hill), her best friend Jane (Stephanie Beacham), and Jim’s distressed daughter, Anna Wolf?

Buckle up, as we explore a captivating tale of choices, consequences, and the extraordinary possibility of rewriting one’s autumn years in this poignant journey where science meets the soul!

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