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Web of Intrigue? Race for Monarchy became 4th win for Ian Webster

Web of Intrigue? Race for Monarchy became 4th win for Ian Webster

Ian Webster 1

Starting late because of technical difficulties meant calypsonians, sponsors and presenters were gathered just before 2:30 a.m. to reveal the winner for this year’s Pic O’De Crop. Many already left the venue, while thousands of others were assembling in Bridgetown for the Berger Colour Shop & Kooyman Foreday Mornin’ Jam.

It may have been better if the NCF used the Talypso system invented by Montserrat in 2012, which drastically reduced their lag time between performances and results. Their judging OS could be adapted to mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

In the wee hours, there was little applause for the announcement of the 2023 calypso monarch of Barbados, a fourth victory for iWeb (<strong>Ian Webster</strong>). (<em>Image courtesy</em> <strong>Barbados Today</strong>)
In the wee hours, there was little applause for the announcement of the 2023 calypso monarch of Barbados, a fourth victory for iWeb (Ian Webster). (Image courtesy Barbados Today)

For many calypso aficionados, it was a straight tussle betwixt AC (Adrian Clarke) Anansi and the Big Bad Ram, but it was not as narrow a win as some thought, the pair separated by 19 points. Ironically, both are stablemates from Digicel First Citizens De Big Show. iWeb has until Wednesday to choose the X-Trail valued at $135,000.00 Bds or a cheque for a straight $100,000.00 cash, I know I’d grab the money!

The media tent is a bit far from the stage, for houses who have multiple staff, it meant video and camera team more or less had to camp by stage while reporters and editors stuck to the tent facility, it would have been nice if water was available (Luckily, I carried my own liquid and a meal) So this is why I’ve got Barbados Today images for this article.

I also had sanitiser as a holdover from COVID days, that’s a good thing. Some bright spark stole the soap from the chemical toilet I used – however, the NCF had irrigation faucets nearby for basic ablutions.

Keerah‘s “Come Fuh Me” was a heartbreaking tale of enduring abuse because her parents died before she was ten and her grandmother passed while Keerah was still in her teens. This led to harsh and unappealing realities.

Donella was second out of the gates; her first song was “Who’s Next” which looked at the recent spate of suicides which shocked many Barbadians. Her fanbase was extremely vocal with what appeared to be more than.one vuvuzela. She placed 8th while her son Ross came 17th.

I’m glad for the use of mixed media by all performers but why does it have to be foreign melodies? Does the Caribbean not have enough material to address dramatic themes? There’s David Rudder or Bob Marley and I’m sure steel pan covers a plethora of emotions.

This was after No 3, “Foolish” from Billboard who can’t understand why the threat of nuclear warfare in this day and age.

Fourth was Nique and “Chosen Few” was a big lash at the paucity of Crop Over tunes. Her outfit was fire too, a fuchsia Diana Ross type of jumpsuit. Her tune demanded performer equity and for Government to support new artistes instead of a tired few. These few seem to Rick, Ram, TC and Edwin, RPB, and Natahlee.

John Yard was 6th with “Gospel According To John” his tune took a lash at CBC; he did a genuine Calypso rendition which raised some eyebrows as many Bajans still feel Christians shouldn’t dabble in stage work. Why not? Head place to go if they choose to flout their religion.

iWeb was on fire with “Brain” where he was juxtaposing medical terms and mythical Caribbean characters with references galore to his verse clash with Peter Ram when there was talk of courts and slander, whereas Adrian Clarke didn’t mix matters and included Peter Ram himself during his rendition and made many clever puns.

Quon like he read this review before it was published, his mixed media was Caribbean laden, and giving a mini history of picong – the art of extemporaneous lyrics handing stories of the day. The actual opening notes of his tune gave tribute to Black Stalin, his song constantly referred to the veteran who died earlier this year. As good as it was, iWeb and Adrian Clarke were the ones to beat…

Chrystal also traced the genealogy of Calypso in her song and drew many refrains via Singing Sandra “Die With My Dignity”.

Teri with “Cat Piss and Pepper” had a lively melody, but her diction made me wonder if she rinsed her mouth with the song title’s substance. A wasted prop of a picket fence.

Eric Lewis was very disappointing with his “Mr Satire” good diction, proper musical structure but it was boring. This would be stellar if it was maybe 2 decades ago, he should have used his other tune “I Want My Mudda” which looked at the globally viral video of a ZR attempted robbery gone very sideways.

RaheemChild Support” looked at Jacketing – the act of placing a child as if it belongs to one guy when in fact it’s from another man.

The full results as tabulated by NCF’s auditors PriceWaterhouseCoopers are as follows:


2ACAnansi and the Big Bad Ram109.0
3QuonSing Quon Sing 79.0
4BillboardFoolish 73.0
5John YardeGospel According to John 71.0
6ChrystalDe Rescue 70.0
7Mr BloodHornology 69.5
8DonellaWho’s Next 69.0
9NiqaThe Chosen Few 66.0
10NathaleeNot For Sale 63.0
11TeriCat Piss and Pepper 53.5
12RaananMr Thankful 50.3
13CharismaHear 49.3
14KeerahCome Fuh Me 48.3
15Coopa DanReflection 45.0
16Eric LewisConversation with Mr. Satire 40.3
17RossHelping Hands 28.5
18RaheemChild Support 21.3
19BumbaChange De System 19.0
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