suicide bear teens

National Council on Substance Abuse alarmed at spate of Suicide and urges more Mental Health breaks

National Council on Substance Abuse alarmed at spate of Suicide and urges more Mental Health breaks

suicide bear teens

Suicide, the act of purposely causing one’s death, can occur when persons are unable to cope with difficult life events such as financial problems, relationship break-ups, chronic illnesses, etc. or they may be experiencing mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders and even substance use disorders.

When substance use disorders are combined with other mental health disorders such as depression the risk for suicide is greater. But how is a substance use disorder linked to suicide? Let us look at alcohol use disorder for example. Drinking alcohol generally reduces fear and inhibition, impairs judgment and decision-making, it increases impulsivity, and it can change one’s mood leading to sadness and depression.

These occurrences can increase the risk of suicide. Also, persons who may be experiencing suicide ideation may drink alcohol to cope, and already being in this suicidal state, alcohol use with the previously mentioned effects increases the risk for suicide. At the end of the day, many factors can lead to suicide and for this reason, suicide is seen as a complex and serious public health problem, but it can be prevented.

If you are experiencing negative thinking, depressed mood, if you are feeling overwhelmed with what life is throwing at you, if you experiencing increased drug use, experiencing a sense of hopelessness/helplessness, loneliness, feelings of isolation, suicidal thoughts, or feeling more pain than you can cope with, please contact a counsellor, a psychiatrist, your general practitioner/doctor, call the hospital, a supportive friend or family member and tell them you need professional help. You can feel better, there is hope. You can get through this.

Family, friends if you believe someone might be suicidal, talk to them in a supportive loving manner and if you find out they are suicidal encourage that person to get help and reach out to a professional for help.

NCSA is here to help, call them now at 535-6272

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