Can Sandy Crest do better? Grieving daughter recalls father’s final moments…


The following was originally listed on Facebook, the opinions listed are those of the author who is not medically trained. The article was composed in a moment of great duress, so it’s not necessarily meant to portray companies or their employees in an untowards manner, rather, review current practices and rapidly improve where appropriate…

On Thursday night (16th Feb. 2023), minutes to midnight my mum, brother and I took my dad (Orlando Payne) to Sandy Crest. When we arrived, my dad was disoriented and confused and needed wheelchair assistance. He was placed on drips by Dr Pounder, while she examined him and asked me various questions on his condition etc., she proceeded with her examination and noticed the center of my dad’s head was softer than normal and asked if he had taken any falls at home or at work. I proceeded to say no, and I can’t say for certain due to the fact I wasn’t home with him the Thursday to notice any falls, however, it was still strange that he could fall and hit the center of his head.

Dr Pounder also noticed my father’s eyes were downset and said she fears he has a condition involving his brain and she saw fit to call an ambulance and for my father to receive a CT scan. The ambulance was not available now, therefore my father and I waited for approximately 45 minutes (12:45) or so for an ambulance to be on its way. During that time, my dad was regaining himself and was able to answer questions. Once the ambulance arrived, he began to complain of pain in his shoulder. Blood was being drawn into my dad’s drips and one of the paramedics attempted to fix it while the other told him to stop that it can be dealt with at the hospital. As we arrived at the hospital, a male nurse asked where my dad works, if he works with people from the UK, he informed me of an outbreak of meningitis from the middle east, which has similar symptoms to what my father had. We were pushed into a hallway in accident and emergency while awaiting to go to the CT scan, a doctor came by and asked the same questions as Sandy Crest and slightly after proceeded to cease my father’s drips and a nurse ran an EKG test on him. After waiting an additional half an hour, my dad still hadn’t received his CT scan. Which raised concerns to another doctor, which she then followed to ask questions and realized he wasn’t even in the system for a CT scan. My father was then pushed into a room, still awaiting his CT scan and his drips were still stopped. Once my father was taken for his CT scan, I overheard the person escorting my dad stating that he is the only one transporting patients to and from CT and the nurse who accompanied him could not understand English well, therefore certain instructions were constantly repeated.

The CT scan exhausted my dad, therefore he rested for a little when we returned to the accident and emergency room. After his nap, my dad’s speech began to slur, for example he knows what he wants to say but his mouth doesn’t form the words properly therefore I had to piece together what he was trying to say. After waiting a while,

Dr. Lashley came and did an examination to ensure my dad’s motor functions and mobility and asked a few questions to see if h remembers things that he should. As she completed the examination, I asked her to feel his head because it was stated that his head was too soft. I also informed her that his slurring of words began after his CT scan, she said she will look over his CT scan and his blood work and return with a senior Doctor. My father then went back to sleep and a while later, the doctor came back asking me to leave the room to take more blood and ask a couple more questions. Once she was finished, a stabbed victim arrived and all available doctors left to attend the emergency, my dad started to complain of having to go to the bathroom, but he couldn’t walk on his own, which I asked a nurse for assistance, but she took too long which led to my father urinating himself and needing to be changed into a pamper. The same nurse brought the pamper and then left and then it was announced that any available nurses were needed at the emergency and the nurse that was supposed to assist left without any word or assurance of anyone else coming to assist. She walked by after 10 minutes and paid no attention to me. Soon after it was announced for all relatives to go to the waiting room for 10 minutes, which I couldn’t do because my father was restless and attempting to get up every chance he got. I told the nurse I couldn’t leave my father alone and I would like for my mother to come inside and assist me in changing my father’s clothes because I wasn’t being assisted. After calling my mother, they sent a student to assist.

My father began to complain of dehydration and his drips were still not resumed. I asked the nurse if can give my father water because he was severely dehydrated without his drips and she said she can't give him until she asks his doctor, however the doctor was nowhere to be found and she made no effort in finding him/her or my father's files.

My father began to complain of dehydration and his drips were still not resumed. I asked the nurse if can give my father water because he was severely dehydrated without his drips and she said she can’t give him until she asks his doctor, however the doctor was nowhere to be found and she made no effort in finding him/her or my father’s files.

I noticed Dr. Lashley down the hall with a new patient so I then asked her if my father can at least receive water or anything to eat, which she no water, she will resume his drips to help with the hydration. He was then sent to the Antenatal floor and pushed into a corridor and a few moments later a nurse said he wasn’t supposed to be there, so he was moved back to accident and emergency into stat room corridor 1 and was then placed on antibiotics whilst awaiting his CT results and it’s already 9:30am 17th Feb. 2023. He became restless after a while and wouldn’t allow the nurse to change his IV, therefore with our permission he was restraint to the bed because without any supervision by hospital staff he couldn’t be left alone. Therefore, 4 orderlies’ restraint him to his bed. A nurse came by to change his and insert a catheter while more blood was drawn. Whilst still waiting for the CT scan and doctor to diagnose what is happening, my father began to lose his speech completely. My father’s pamper needed changing once again and we mentioned it to the person who changed it before, and she said she will return with a fresh pamper. An hour and a half later she never returned, and my mother and I had to change my father in the corridor on our own.

A nurse came shortly after and said my father is allowed IV fluids and placed a sheet underneath him and gave him disposable hospital clothes. A bunch of doctors came by his bed side and said they were awaiting his CT report and that they notified radiology and they just left without examining his condition for any improvements or further illness. After they left, I felt his head and it was beginning to feel softer than when we first arrived. I kindly asked the nurse to ask one of the doctors to return and examine his head once again, and all the nurses said is that he would see what he can do but he never left the corridor, he carried on to other patients.

The hospital corridor was so cold and my dad was sweating and shivering and had a slight temperature so my mom asked the nurse if he can get anything for it, he said no he can’t have anything until the CT scan result my mom said all day w waiting on that, in the meantime please see if he can get something… he asked the doctor and she said give him paracetamol, that seem to ease him a little.. The doctor pass by the bed and look at me I said is he going to be okay she reassured me yes, they just waiting on the CT scan its now 6:20pm.

After being by his bedside for the entire day without any progress more relatives arrived, and the doctors asked everyone to move to the waiting room , whilst in the waiting room for an hour – a nurse came to the waiting room and was allowing people to go back on the inside, my granny and aunty ask my mom to ask to go back in, when my mother returned my father was sweating worse than before. when my mom asked the foreign nurse what’s going on he said “Huh?” My mom repeated, “What’s going on with my husband?” With no remorse, the nurse said my father is deteriorating, my mom barged out the room and send my grandmom in, they then asked her to please go back to the waiting area, they need to move my him elsewhere to monitor him while we wait in the waiting room and as time went by they came back and told us that his heart had stopped but they were able to revive him and they had plans on moving him to the ICU to be placed on a ventilator. At minutes past 10 pm, Dr. Thompson called all of us into a room and explained the procedures taken out on my father and after reviving his heart, it stopped again and after 30 minutes of CPR they were not able to revive him.

When they brought my father’s body for us to see, he still had the tube down his throat and a time tag on his foot which stated 9:33 pm which was the time of his death but somehow, we only found out at minutes past 10.

P.S. So many Relatives that were there that night said a lot of people complaining about the staff neglecting patients. Something needs to be done, all this fancy building yet short staffed, then the few there don’t (seem to) care. #justiceforori #longliveori

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