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The month of December holds a special meaning for Barbadians and indeed for most people across the world. Christmas, which is celebrated as a Christian holiday, is dedicated to acknowledging the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

There is often much talk about the joy and spirit that is synonymous with Christmas the celebrations. The interpretation of what this means, may vary depending on the perspective held by different groups of individuals. For the labour movement, it can be taken to mean a welcome opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the unification and bonding of workers. This assertion identifies with the fact that the spirit of Christmas resides in the promotion of togetherness.

There is the understanding that the thought of togetherness is about sharing with others. This is best captured in the view that ‘It is selfless time, where persons undertake to forgive, take stock of what is important and become better versions of themselves.’ Coming out of this view, is a signal of what is needed for the building of the spirit of unionism, which starts with support shown by individual trade unions for each other and the making of strong alliances. This gives credence to the notion that unionism is about the promotion of solidarity.

The point is to be reiterated that as a united labour movement, it is expected that there is a bonding which is founded on solidarity. This is what is required if trade unions are to operate in acts of togetherness. Ultimately, there is no room for the paying of lip service to the concept of trade union solidarity. The interest of the labour movement will be best served, where there is a demonstration by action, that there is an understanding and appreciation of what is required, if harmony is to be a real feature of the labour movement. In essence, it must be a lived experience.

Acting always as your brother’s keeper, and doing so with a sense of humility, is to communicate the message, that you do not think of yourself as being better than others. This is a message that should resonate with all Barbadians at this time. There should be the full understanding that a divided nation and a non-caring people, cannot be in the interest of building a better Barbados.
Acknowledging that Christ came to unite the world, today’s labour movement may wish to consider that unification helps trade unions to stand together. The purpose of this, is to protect the hard-fought freedoms and gains that have been achieved.

It is to be remembered that the spirit of Christmas can best be reflected by the harmony that is shared amongst people and organizations. In summary, love, peace and harmony, are three ideals that should hold meaning for us as a people, and guide our thoughts and actions throughout the year.
Best wishes are extended from the Congress of Trade Unions and Staff Associations of Barbados (CTUSAB) for the blessings of the Christmas Season.


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