Bookings for Long term Stays Grow in The Caribbean

Bookings for Long term Stays Grow in The Caribbean


Millions of people are now more flexible about where they live and work, and in response to this trend, Airbnb and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) have launched their “Work from the Caribbean” campaign. This landing page is aimed at promoting the Caribbean as a preferred  destination for digital nomads.

This represents great news for global travellers who are looking to live and work from incredible exotic cultural destinations. The Caribbean not only offers great music, culture and food but also amazing hospitality provided by its locals. According to recent Airbnb data, nights booked for long-term stays by travelers in different destinations throughout the Caribbean almost doubled between 2019 and 2021.

Several destinations in the region have been growing significantly in bookings of 28 nights or more for US and other origin country guests such as Canada, France and the UK comparing 2019 with 2021. For example:

  • Reservations for this period of stays in the British Virgin Islands have more than doubled.

  • Reservations in Guyana have doubled.

  • St. Maarten and Antigua & Barbuda have duplicated their bookings for longer stays comparing 2019 with 2021.

  • Dominica has doubled in bookings for longer stays as well, comparing 2019 with 2021.

This data also provided insight on the types of travelers to the region. Travelers between the ages of 25 and 49 is the group with the highest growth of nights booked for long term stays in different destinations in the Caribbean, while bookings made by families also grew. The trend of bookings made by solo travelers also grew significantly.

Travelers looking to stay 28 days or more have also been specific in their required amenities for stays. According to Airbnb data, these travelers look for these top ten amenities:

  • Wireless Internet

  • Kitchen,

  • Air conditioner

  • Pool

  • Washer

  • Free Parking

  • TV or Cable

  • Allows Pets

  • Dryer

  • Laptop Friendly Workspace.

“Airbnb is proud to have partnered again with the CTO to continue  promoting a variety of   destinations in the Caribbean so people can work and travel within. The rise of digital nomads and the development of long-stay programs across the region continue to help in the recovery of tourism and in creating this campaign we hope to inspire travelers to stay in this wonderful region for a longer period of time,” said Carlos Muñoz, Airbnb Policy Manager for Central America and the Caribbean.

“The latest data released by Airbnb validates the hard work that destinations in the region have done to promote their countries as first class options for digital nomads,” explained Faye Gill, the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s Director, Membership Services. “Countries quickly identified the niche and built the products, and services, to support growth in the most challenging of circumstances.  Thanks to our partner, Airbnb, we are pleased to be able to provide a platform for our members across the Caribbean to build on the success that they have been able to achieve.

Airbnb’s Work from The Caribbean campaign is one of the many initiatives in the CTO’s ongoing program to help its members rebuild tourism and shine a light on digital nomad programs in their destinations. With this in mind, Airbnb has now published a social media campaign to keep promoting these amazing destinations and encourage travelers to visit for longer stays.


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