Dr David Bynoe GEF SGP UNDP Susan Mahon CORALL 8 June 2022



Dr David Bynoe GEF SGP UNDP Susan Mahon CORALL 8 June 2022

Collaboration is vital. That is the message conveyed jointly by — Dr. David Bynoe, National Coordinator of the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Program implemented by the United Nations Development Program (GEF SGP UNDP) – and Susan Mahon, President of the Coral Reef Restoration Alliance (CORALL).  Their two organisations recently hosted an event on UN World Oceans Day, in collaboration with Shari Samuel, Manager of Folkestone Marine Park of the National Conservation Commission (NCC) of the Ministry of the Environment, National Beautification, and the Blue and Green Economies.

“The theme of UN World Oceans Day 2022, Revitalisation: Collective Action for the Ocean, has been tremendously well demonstrated, with the dedicated support and cooperation of the GEF SGP UNDP and many other agencies, businesses, and individuals, during the six years of CORALL’s existence,” stated Ms. Mahon.

Since World Oceans Day 2016, when CORALL was officially launched, CORALL has planted fragments of coral in pilot coral nurseries at Port St. Charles, Driftwood, and Vauxhall Reef within the Folkestone Marine Reserve, and has monitored their survivorship and growth.

“We have demonstrated – with the permission of the regulatory agencies of Government and the collaboration of the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) — that elkhorn and brain corals can grow from tiny fragments to large healthy colonies within a period of four years, and that staghorn corals can grow from fragments of about 3 inches in length to large branching colonies within weeks” said Ms. Mahon.  She added that this gives us all great hope that coral restoration can work on a larger scale.

In 2018, the GEF-SGP-UNDP provided a grant to CORALL to undertake a project called,  “Engaging the Community and Building Capacity for Coral Restoration

“Our investments of funds, energy, and time, in the activities of CORALL have been well worth it!” said Dr. Bynoe.  He added that, “The work of CORALL has been exemplary.  In fact, CORALL has recently been nominated for the prestigious Equator Prize that recognises innovative initiatives from local communities and indigenous peoples that demonstrate exceptional achievements in nature-based solutions for local sustainable development”.  May CORALL continue to be a conduit for collective action to restore the ocean.

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