“Praedial Larceny And Indisciplines” by Dr Victor Eastmond (Ret’d)

It is obvious that times are becoming ‘harder‘ as some struggle to make ends meet by looking for ways to supplement their earning, but larceny of crops created by a person’s sweat and tears cannot be condoned. Such activity is generated by a demand for the stolen produce and such activity should incur punishment not only to the thief, but also to purchasers of the stolen property which enables the activity.

I hope Barbados will find methods whereby such discipline can be enforced as it appears we create laws that makes good reading but does not arrest the activity. I know we have one of the best police forces in the region and I will give a personal example:

When I was much younger and had no idea about law, I got my dad’s bicycle and decided to ride on the road from our home in Collymore Rock along Pine Plantation Road. Unfortunately, I was unaware that I was riding on the wrong side of the road until I was seen by a policeman who stopped me and brought me back home. He told me off then my mother roasted my backside for leaving home without permission and endangering my life. I would like to thank that officer as he enforced the law when he saw me not obeying a road traffic regulation by riding on the wrong side of the road. He potentially saved my life.

This does not happen today as the youngsters not only ride on the wrong side, but they do so without any number plates, no wearing of today’s mandatory helmet, sometimes in all black clothing at night and doing this on one wheel only. Who is to blame for such behavioral increase and if caught, should the parent(s) bear the responsibility?

Because it has been repeatedly stated that the manpower resources in our police are depleted, there is an urgent need to upgrade that situation with less talk and more action. Once we have disciplined officers who will enforce laws, the attractiveness of such a police force will also induce recruitment. Increasing pay is also attractive but our force needs stand out with a display of fearless discipline where officers are willing to enforce the law regardless.

  • Dr Victor Eastmond, Ret’d
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