Lucid Dreaming

What is lucid dreaming and how can it help to grow your business

What is lucid dreaming and how can it help to grow your business

Lucid Dreaming

So, what is lucid dreaming? This is an easy topic to discuss because it is scientifically proven. It is also becoming increasingly recognized, most people living this phenomenon at least once in their lives.

Lucid dreaming: what is it?

A lucid dream is a dream we are simply aware of dream (hence the term “clear”), ie, we know we profondemment sleeping in bed and what we see is a creation. The dreamer can then control everything that goes around, but the dream continues to suffer the subconscious influences, which can pose difficulties to the dreamer. It is commonly accepted that the dreamer really accomplishes everything he wants, there is no limit. It can realize the ultimate dream of man to fly. Lucid dreams occur for most of the time during REM sleep. It can occur by chance or as a result of learning.

For some, the lucid dream is personal emotional release, where they can express what they want but they do not dare do it in reality. For example, a dreamer who tries to channel his rage against someone else, it will put the pieces in a lucid dream. So lucid dreaming constitute a way to escape reality in this case.

Have fun with your lucid dream

It may simply serve to toy discovering innumerable powers in the dream (telekinesis, teleportation, remote control of objects, pyrokinesis, and so on). Lucid dreaming is more fun than anything else.

For others, it is the support of the work itself: the dreamer recognizes what is wrong with him in the dream and can try to fix it by turning it. For example, a dreamer who was in front of him he hates someone will try to send her love to transmute this hatred.

It is also a medium for artistic creativity: the dreamer can create much what he wants, even music. His imagination is very sharp in a lucid dream, it can be used to build his novel for example. The artist can then draw from inspiration to reproduce what he sees down here.

It is also the springboard for the out of the body by means of specific techniques, I’ll come back later in detail.

In some cases, the dreamer can call her “guide” and ask him for help. It can also call other “higher entities” like angels if you believe some …

So lucid dreaming, this is not very complicated and has many benefits!

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