Trisha Tannis (Mrs.), Chairman Barbados Private Sector Association



Trisha Tannis (Mrs.), Chairman Barbados Private Sector Association

The journey of life continues with us now moving from the year 2021 into 2022. While there may be circumstances in 2021, both positive and negative, that may have left an indelible mark on our lives, the New Year is greeted with thankfulness of having made it through what was in all respects, a difficult year. Uncertainty, in a manner as never before, in what lies ahead for Barbados as a nation, for us as a people and for each of us, continues as the COVID-19 remains a dominant force in the world. The impact of the Delta variant of COVID-19 has reinforced the precarious nature of life, and the recent global onset of the Omicron variant brings home the sobering truth of our inability to accurately predict the future. Nevertheless, we can truly remain resolute in the certainty and assurance that comes from our faith and belief in the divine guidance which has served us well over the years.

Trisha Tannis (Mrs.), Chairman Barbados Private Sector Association
Trisha Tannis (Mrs.), Chairman;
Barbados Private Sector Association

Barbadians will ring out the old and ring in the New Year as a truly independent nation, having transitioned to being a Republic on Independence Day. A change in our national status calls to mind the need for each of us to focus on what is required to move our nation to excellence if we are to thrive and survive as a small island state, daring to stand on our own. These thoughts must not merely center on what the government or the labour movement or the private sector must do but what each of us must do to become the most excellent version of ourselves, for the benefit of our fellowman and our country. We must then pivot quickly to a mindset that diligently and consistently puts into practice the required actions that lead us to becoming the best in class in all spheres of life. The power of collective positive thoughts with corresponding positive actions on a daily basis can transform this nation.

We would each want the New Year to bring a shift in our economy back to the growth and prosperity from which our country would benefit. COVID-19 has been an intervening event causing a tremendous setback to what had seemed to be a journey to economic recovery. However, being daunted by circumstances must not be an option. Our country has weathered economic storms of past years, particularly in the 1980s and 1990s. In future years the battle includes dealing with a myriad of challenges including the global climate crisis. While we continue to battle these realities and challenges, confidence in our abilities to build this nation for future generations must not wane.

As we celebrate the New Year and look forward to the unfolding of the events in the coming months, the Barbados Private Sector Association will continue to play its critical part in the development of Barbados. We understand that a vibrant private sector, whether in the form of the largest corporation or the individual entrepreneur, offers the opportunity to realize a return to growth and prosperity for individuals, for families and for the country. In so doing, we remain committed to the cause.

During the New Year it will be critical for the Government together with the Labour Movement and the Private Sector to remain collectively focused on a solutions mindset if we are to innovate and transform our nation. In addition, each one of us must have the will to do our part to bring about improvements in the levels of service, productivity and efficiency. Change is never easy but it must be done if our nation is to improve its economic performance and global competitiveness in 2022 and beyond.

Best wishes for the New Year from us at the Barbados Private Sector Association and may we each strive to becoming the best we can be.


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