Endorsement of Verla De Peiza as DLP Candidate for St Lucy by Fmr BLP Campaign Mgr

On April 25, 2021 Ms. Verla De Peiza formally announced her intention to be the Democratic Labour Party Candidate in the constituency of St. Lucy. This is a significant and welcomed development in the politics of St. Lucy. It demonstrates the seriousness and high regard that the Democratic Labour Party has for the people of St. Lucy.

Since the days of Theodore Brancker and Cameron Tudor and in recent times, Evelyn Greaves and Denis Kellman, the DLP has consistently fielded a high caliber of candidates. Ms. De Peiza is of this mold – gifted, talented and suitably qualified.

Not only does Ms. De Peiza bring with her a wealth of experience as a politician, but also as an Attorney-at-law. She received her education at St James Mixed School, The Erdiston Model Mixed School and Harrison College, gaining a Barbados Exhibition in 1991. She pursued tertiary education at the University of Southampton where she gained a Bachelor of Science degree in Politics and Law with Upper Second-Class honours, before going on to Queen Mary College of the University of London where she achieved a Merit in the Master of Laws degree specializing in Criminology and Criminal Justice. A trained Criminologist, she qualified to practice law in England and Wales, but because of her passion for giving of service to Barbados, she made the decision to return home.

I knew Verla De Peiza, maybe before she fully knew herself. She has deep roots in the constituency of St. Lucy, where she spent many of her formative years. Many of her childhood years were spent with close relatives in the district of Northumberland. Verla would from time to time, visit one such relative who was the Matron at the St. Lucy District Hospital in Hope Road where I grew up.

David Bowen was campaign manager to Peter Phillips in 2013 and 2018 general elections

David Bowen was campaign manager to Peter Phillips in 2013 and 2018 general elections

As I moved through the rank of the DLP to ultimately become the Assistant General Secretary, I witnessed firsthand Verla’s development in her political life. She showed initiative, was always ready to be involved and selflessly give of herself in service. Her attributes of being articulate, a good listener and debater, have all propelled her into the party’s leadership role today.

Over the years, as a member of the Young Democrats and various councils of the party, we have seen this young lady, transform into a visionary, fueled by determination and a passion not only for the DLP’s success but moreso, that of the people of Barbados.

She had choices but she took on the herculean task of running as a candidate in Christ Church West, a constituency never lost by the BLP. She did not cower away from what political pundits deemed a daunting task; instead, she stepped forward and said “Here I am’ use me.”

After the 2018 General Elections, when the DLP was in search of a leader, she answered the call.

A proud mother of two, she is also a devout Christian and has served as the District Co-ordinator of the Adventist Family Network (AFN) Grouping of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

I welcome Verla De Peiza to the constituency of St. Lucy. Why? Because St. Lucy deserves better representation than what it has presently. It simply is not enough to want to win a seat, one must have the desire and passion to serve people.

Verla De Peiza has demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt, that hers is a life service. She has served with distinction, her political party and clients. I am positive that she will continue this distinguished service as the next Parliamentary Representative for St. Lucy.

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