“Difficult Conversations – Heroes” by Grenville Phillips II

We have critical questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. We have highly qualified medical professionals who treasure their reputations enough to tell us the truth. We have a Prime Minister who has asked for difficult questions, and instructed our professionals to answer such questions on live TV. What can possibly go wrong?


I have asked several questions about this vaccine, but our health professionals have not answered any of them. I cannot make an informed decision about taking a vaccine, if my questions remain unanswered.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

Once I allow this new-technology vaccine into my body, it will be too late for me to do anything about it. I will either benefit from the vaccine, or learn to live with any temporary or permanent disabilities that the vaccine may cause. I do not like that level of risk.


With Barbadians already receiving vaccines, our medical professionals need to start answering difficult questions. This absence of information is creating uncertainty, disinformation and panic about the vaccine. That is the last thing anyone wants during a pandemic – but that is what is happening.

It is happening, because the only persons invited to have difficult conversations with our health professionals, are our journalists – and they are not asking difficult questions. The well-designed public information system has become a public relations spectacle. Since my questions are not being asked, or answered, I, like many others, am forced to do my own research.

Every day we have a parade of persons enthusiastically encouraging us to take the vaccine. They claim to have done their due-diligence research, and concluded that the vaccine is safe for us. How can they honestly make that claim, when the normal long-term (minimum 3-year) trials needed to identify long-term side effects, were never done?


My main concern is the stated motive of those who fund vaccination programs. For years, they have publicly advocated population control as one of their ultimate goals. The most effective method of reducing the population is by reducing the sperm count in men. The most efficient method of achieving this goal is by mass-vaccinating scared people.

So, I want to know whether the vaccines will reduce sperm count. The public relations agents will likely misdirect the issue to female fertility. I am not asking about female pregnancy. I am asking about male fertility.


The truth is that none of the vaccine manufacturers studied the effects of the virus on male fertility. Only female fertility was studied. A female cannot get pregnant unless the male is also fertile. The WHO has approved vaccines for use in developing countries, without studying this critical red-flag issue.

There is only one research study on the COVID-19 vaccine’s effect on male fertility. It is noted in the US National Institutes of Health’s records (Ref: NCT04665258). The results are not due to be released until 14 June 2021 – long after much of the world has already been vaccinated. So, on what basis are our medical professionals claiming that the vaccine is safe for us?


What sort of research have those who are promoting the vaccine as safe actually done? If they honestly want to prove to us that it is safe, then why don’t they parade their sons, grandsons and nephews taking the vaccine? If they cannot even convince their own family that it is safe, then why push it on the rest of us?

Our Prime Minister has invited our journalists to have difficult conversations on our behalf. They do us all a disservice when they fail to ask any difficult questions. This farce keeps us ignorant of potential harmful consequences until it is too late.


I thank those Barbadians who have already taken the vaccine on our behalf. I am certain that important factors that the manufacturers neglected to study, like male fertility, are being studied in those who have taken this risk. Our health professionals need to explain when we can expect preliminary results.

I plan to continue following the Ministry of Health’s hygienic protocols. However, until the results of the male fertility study are known, I will pass on this vaccine (See UPDATE below).


On the People’s Business on 14 Feb 2021, Dr Adrian Lorde confidently stated that the vaccine has no effect on sperm count. Drs Harvey and Landis did not object to his statement. So, my question to them is: How do you know?

The truth is that the vaccine’s effect on sperm count is completely unknown to every human being on this planet, including Drs Lorde, Harvey, and Landis – it is only now being studied. So, on what basis is Dr Lorde making his emphatic claim?

Dr Lorde could have responded with an understandable, “I do not know, but I will get back to you.” But he did not. If he told a whopper on live national TV, with the agreement of his colleagues, then are they not the conspiracy of which they are warning us about?

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