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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “Thanks Personnel in COVID” by Dr Victor Eastmond

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “Thanks Personnel in COVID” by Dr Victor Eastmond

20190423 180343

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb” Nelson Mandela

Please read and understand the words of Nelson Mandela as we remember the COVID19 hill we recently climbed in 2020. My fear is for the future as we prepare to climb the economic and social hills that will be intertwined with mental disorders, anger, crime, mistruths, hunger and health problems.

I must not only complement our Prime Minister on the leadership role she has displayed despite undergoing surgery, but we must also complement persons who played a participatory role.

These must include but not limited to, Education Min. Santia Bradshaw who was also recovering from surgery, our Minister of Health, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bostic and of course our initial Czar, Mr. Richard Carter who displayed stern parentage communication that this virus was not a joke. We must also thank Dr. Corey Forde, the Ghanaian, Cuban and local nursing staff along with all essential workers i.e. transport; sanitation; medical; dental and allied personnel; agriculture workers; airport personnel; law enforcement agencies; shops/supermarkets; and of course BDF personnel at paragon and Harrison’s Point.

As stated by a caller to ‘Brass-Tacks‘, God must be a Bajan to have dealt us (the electorate) such a large parliamentary majority in 2018 to guide us through this uncertain period of the Covid19 pandemic. My family and I must personally say thanks to all who assisted in restraining the spread of this deadly virus and spurn those who felt the methodology was unnecessary and should only be applied if/when community spread was with us. Such unenlightened knowledge would ensure that community spread will occurs if we are not strict guardians of our heritage.

I hope we will proceed to face the hills ahead, but we must do so as a unified nation regardless of colour, race or religion by following the mandated protocols that are not only for our own personal safety, but for the safety of our loved ones and others who continue to reside in Barbados.

  • Dr. Victor H. Eastmond. GCM
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One response to “LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “Thanks Personnel in COVID” by Dr Victor Eastmond”

  1. Anthony Hollingsworth Avatar
    Anthony Hollingsworth

    There’s no doubt, Barbados has benefited from the focused and determined leadership of the current government and a great number of people from all walks of life and political persuasion who’ve toiled and sacrificed to get us through. Stay positive everyone.

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