Difficult Conversations, Part 2 – When Truth is the Enemy

During our lifetimes, we will likely care about things enough to do something about them. We may feel compelled to speak, write, march, or simply stand with those doing so. That is activism, and the aim is to influence our elected politicians to change government policies.

There are two types of activists. There are those who try to influence change, by getting politicians to accept the truth of a matter. For example, if they accept that cigarette smoke causes lung cancer, then they will likely legislate restrictions on smoking. Evidence-based activists treat truth as sacred.

The other type of activist wants policies changed by any means necessary. For them, the end justifies the means, so they typically make things up. Their made-up claims are generally not supported by any credible evidence, and are easily disproven. For that one reason, radical activists treat truth as their enemy.

Some evidence-based activists wanted Nelson moved to a less prominent location, and argued their position using evidence and reason. Radical activists just made things up. They falsely claimed that Nelson was a racist white supremacist enslaver who mass murdered thousands of enslaved Barbadians.


The Government has now established an extremely dangerous precedent, by making easily disprovable claims government policy. They are forcing us to accept blatant error, and reject truth. History shows that radical activists’ desires cannot be satisfied. Therefore, they will soon target something else. How can the Government justify investigating their future ludicrous claims?

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer

Suppose our radical activists decide to target Errol Barrow’s statue. What if they made similar easily disproven false claims that he poisoned thousands of Barbadians to death? What if they falsely claimed that Grantley Adams burned thousands of Barbadians’ houses to the ground?

By not allowing any scrutiny of our radical activists’ lunatic claims, and forcing us to accept their false claims as official Government policy, the Government is firmly on a path of insanity. The sane path is one where the Government listens to both sides of an argument, and insists that all claims be verified before they become Government policy.

Since the Government has signalled its intent to only listen to radical activists on the same-sex and republic issues, it seems that we will be on this insane path for a while.

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