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<b>Grenville Phillips II</b> is a Chartered Structural Engineer, and the Solutions Barbados' candidate for St George North. He can be reached at <i>NextParty246@gmail.com</i>

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer, and the Solutions Barbados’ candidate for St George North. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

I have heard many rumours of bribery in past elections. However, I can now confirm that there are credible reports of bribery in this by-election. Those participating in this practise, should know that they are corrupting the democratic process in Barbados.

What can voters do to stamp out this practise. The Police have recommended that persons accept the bribe, and then bring the evidence to the Police so that those offering the bribes can be charged.

Voters need to understand that accepting a $50 bribe, to vote to remain in poverty, is absolute lunacy. Would they accept a bribe of five cents? Because that is essentially what they are accepting. Because like five cents, $50 will be spent very quickly in this economy.

In this by-election, people should vote for their own self-interests. Fifty dollars is not in their best interest – it is pittance to what they could be earning.


Our plans are in the voter’s interest. For example, I plan to start a no-profit construction company, where we will train (in two weeks) every unemployed person in St George North, who wants to work in construction. We then plan to employ them to build houses across Barbados at cost.

An unskilled labourer can earn $100 each day, while a skilled worker can earn $150 each day. A house that takes 6 months to build, can earn an unskilled labourer $12,000, and a skilled worker $18,000. The Government plans to build 1,000 houses, and we should win every house we tender.


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If the government chooses not to continue with its low-cost housing initiative, then we plan to build houses across Barbados at cost, with no profit. Therefore, the homeowner can get a significantly lower mortgage.

Those offering bribes in St George North should know that they now risk embarrassing themselves, their party, and their Candidate, so cease and desist.

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