Solutions Barbados: “Nelson The Astronaut”

There is more evidence to support the claim that Nelson built a space shuttle, went into Earth’s orbit and brought back the cow that jumped over the moon, than for Nelson being a racist white supremacist mass-murderer. In both claims, history would need to be invented.

Nelson modifying his ships to improve their performance during a battle, is not evidence that he made a space shuttle. Nelson keeping livestock on his ships, is not evidence that he retrieved a cow from orbit. But that is the level of reasoning that we are told to accept.

These claims of some of our historians and political activists, have no support in the credible historical record of documents. This record includes letters and dispatches written by Nelson, the accounts of those who served with him and fought against him, and books written by the enslaved when they were freed.

The historical record shows that in an age when racism was popular, Nelson stood out as perhaps the lone consistent non-racist, by his behaviour. However, by indoctrinating our students, the fantasy about Nelson being a racist has become popular. Those students have now become history teachers, journalists, activists, and members of parliament.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

After I found no evidence that Nelson was a racist, but found evidence that he was not, they used a strange argument. They claimed that such evidence does not prove that he was not a racist. Therefore, he must remain a racist until evidence proving that he was not is found. That is the new standard of proof used in Barbados.


I have heard this type of impossible reasoning only once before. It was when I was investigating structural damage at the Psychiatric Hospital. A patient claimed that 1+1=2 does not disprove that 1+1 also equals 85. It just means that the evidence for 1+1=85 has not been found. Therefore, he could continue to claim that 1+1=85.

This Jenkinsian reasoning is now popular among our academic and political activists. We must all accept that Nelson was a racist, until evidence is found proving, beyond all doubt, that he was not. Anyone requesting evidence for their claim that he was a racist, is called every racial slur available.

Our Government is now formally encouraging this despicable behaviour. They swore, on their sacred honour, that wedge issues like this will never be determined by 30 politicians, but by the people through a referendum.

A referendum would give their decision to move the over 200-year old statue of Nelson, unanimous support. This is because they did it in the way that they promised all of us. So, why would they sacrifice their personal integrity on this issue? Why are they behaving so badly?

It seems that they have taken power from the people, and placed it in the hands of the one whom they truly fear. So, who has bewitched them? Who holds this leash? Is it Denny the dragon slayer, Marshall the wizard, or Nelson the astronaut?

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