What is Translink? Founder Leo Carrington explains

In just two and a half weeks, Transportation Technology Company Translink launches an express delivery service & online shopping platform in response to Covid-19, that allows Bajans to utilize technology to have their favorite goods received quickly and efficiently.

Their system is leveraged by technology currently used by tons of vehicles across Barbados, including public and private ones and allows for persons who may need income to be a part of their delivery process to help speed up its system.

Founder Leo Carrington Says:

We had to move extremely quickly. Creating an application of this size and structure is no easy feat, and anything we decide to associate with has to be of some quality and has to make sense for us. We are not interested in just a quick grab, and will only pursue things where we can add tremendous value.

There has clearly bin an increase in demand for delivery services, and while many just decide to offer it, providing short-lived solutions, we have decided to go a different route and a step further by connecting the entire process, making it easier for consumers and merchants to just onboard and go, and track the entire process as well.

Most supermarkets are not currently set up for deliveries to consumers. They may deliver from a warehouse to a storefront, but delivery of goods to individual consumers is a totally different ecosystem. Much like Fedex or DHL where all of the order details and delivery addresses is linked and made useful for the different users of the system. This is the primary reason why some supermarkets just can’t offer it. Our system at present is closed-looped to us but they are possibilities that we can connect our infrastructure to supermarkets or any stores that may have an existing ecommerce presence, and we would welcome such requests on a case by case basis.

For those who don’t have an eCommerce presence, at this point we have made the system fully accessible to them, primarily restaurant or food establishments, in anticipation that government could relax restrictions to only curbside pick-up and deliveries once more. We welcome any applications here as well.

To help augment the current demand, we have also created an online partition at busbobb.com/groceries that would allow customers to submit grocery orders and have them delivered island-wide as well. At this point, this section utilizes only a portion of the application, primarily because of the integration of ecosystems and managing active stock levels online vs in-store.

While Covid-19 has been extremely stressful for most, we believe that there is tremendous opportunity for all, hoping that bajans would now be way more open to the use of technological advances that are currently in full operation in other parts of the world.

What is Translink?

Translink is currently a small business that is focused on connecting transit across Barbados. We have only recently been in the public’s eye and this is our perhaps our first real publication.

We have been around for quite some time but dedicated that time to building the correct foundation, and only started to ramp up in just December 2019 with the release of our first Transportation Management App. The App was made for users and owners of the public transportation industry and rental industry to properly manage all aspects of their vehicle, including things such as vehicle location, fare collection, vehicle care, security and more, all in one place.

Overall, Translink currently focuses on connecting transport in Barbados with a direct mission to advance transit and transit operations on our island. We want to see a Barbados where we could have similar transportation standards as abroad but heavily mixed with our culture. Imagine the Bajan Rum shop of 2060 for example, is it going to be way more advanced or is going to be the same shop down the road? For transportation, are we going to have the same practices and norms, or are we going to grow with the times and incorporate our signature blend of culture to create something wildly unique. This is what excites us and what our business is built on.
Transportation technology for the future.

If you are a restaurant or merchant and want to sign up as a partner with us, send emails to: service@busboybb.com
For restaurants and food establishment deliveries visit: www.busboybb.com
To submit grocery orders for delivery visit: www.busboybb.com/groceries
To become a delivery driver visit: www.translinkbarbados.com/driver

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