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Bowmanston Pumping Station Offline to Effect Emergency Repairs

Bowmanston Pumping Station Offline to Effect Emergency Repairs

BRFU Pirates 018

The Barbados Water Authority wishes to inform residents and businesses in parts of

St. George and St. John that the Bowmanston Pumping Station went offline since Tuesday, February 11th from around 4:00 pm to allow crews to carry out emergency repairs to a pump at that location.

As a result, customers in the following districts may be affected low pressure or outages.

In St. George:

Golden Ridge Village, Ashbury and surrounding areas.

In St. John:

Cheshire, Eastmont, Small Hope, Moores Land, Carters, Gall Hill, Clifton Hall,

Church View, Newcastle, Martins Bay, Zores Land, Pothouse, Glebe, Colleton, Cliff Cottage, Haynes Hill, Colleton Gardens, Coach Hill, Bath Land, Welch Village, Sargeant Street, Society, Massiah Street, Rosegate, Guinea Land, Stewart Hill, Pool Land, Spooners, Wakefield Tenantry, Lemon Arbor, Cherry Grove, Four Roads, Sherbourne, Todds Tenantry, Macaroni Village, Henley and surrounding districts.

Water tankers will be dispatched to assist the affected areas while the repair work is being conducted.

The BWA apologizes for the inconvenience this disruption in service may cause our valued customers.

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