Author Opal C. Meeks Releases Her First Book “Unlocking the Wealth Code”

For 2020 single mom, author and entrepreneur Opal Meeks has found a unique way to channel tough lessons from challenging experiences of the past into resolutions she believes, will make it easier for others to succeed. With the launch of her new website and success blueprint “Unlocking the Wealth Code” her primary goal is to help each individual boost productivity and output by providing all inclusive support that incorporates mind,body and spirit.

Opal C Meeks

It takes a whole human being to make a positive, meaningful and lasting impact to society,” Meeks said. was not designed to be just an ordinary platform with everyday information according to it’s founder, but with a mission to help each individual get to their greatest function in society. “Based on the misguided mistakes I’ve made and the many failures I’ve overcome; I now understand that the right awareness can play a major role in the way we experience the world around us.” She said. “My aim is not only to be the highest and best version of myself as a human being but to the best of my ability help others do that as well. This is why I wrote the book “Unlocking the wealth code.”

Meeks wishes to eliminate the isolation and confusion she felt while struggling to make her own contribution to society, for those in our population who might be going through similar experiences.

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“As a child you never know where your journey is going to lead or the challenges you’ll encounter while growing up. Sometimes life throws us unexpected curve balls. As a result many of us go through extremely difficult phases especially when there are no roadmaps along the way. But I believe challenges were designed for us to create solutions from them. My greatest wish is that someone will find the information they need in Unlocking the wealth code to bounce back and succeed.”

Vybe Free creates a big deal about comprehensive wellness because it is the founder’s belief that in today’s ever changing and high performing society it plays a major role in the way we function, the level of success we experience in our lives and the quality of our contribution to the world around us.

Meeks’ own journey to entrepreneurship was no easy task. After a number of challenges including the tragic loss of her child’s father to gun violence, a mental breakdown and her refuge in a New York City shelter she began looking for answers to life’s most mind boggling questions and quick solutions to survive. This is when she began making natural juices in the space she was provided and proceeded to walk from door to door to pitch for sales. As a result Vybe Free LLC was born. You can read her story on her blog “It was here at the bottom while searching for meaning and purpose for my life that I learned some of the greatest lessons I’d ever been taught. The ideas in Unlocking the wealth code helped transform my perception of myself and gave me the strength and stability I needed to pick myself up.” (Unlocking The Wealth Code)

Meeks plans to expand the website in order to offer a wide range of products that includes natural and organic selections. “My mission is to help each individual get to their highest state of awareness for their greatest function in society by providing them with the best quality products, resources and non-profit services for their mind,body and spirit.” – Meeks

Vybe Free is not where it intends to be just yet but Meeks is determined to start making a difference by providing the inform

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