20181231 094731

BWA Experiencing Low Production at Golden Ridge Pumping Station

BWA Experiencing Low Production at Golden Ridge Pumping Station

20181231 094731

The Barbados Water Authority wishes to inform residents and businesses in parts of St. Joseph, who are currently experiencing low pressure or intermittent outages that it is due to reduced production from the Bowmanston and the Golden Ridge facilities which is in turn impacting the Castle Grant system.

As a result, the areas which may be affected include:

  1. From Bowmanston:

Wilson Hill, Sherbourne and surrounding areas.

  1. From Golden Ridge to Castle Grant:

Bissex, Lower Parks, Upper Parks, Coconut Grove, Dark Hole, Fruitful Hill, Chimborazo, Horse Hill, Suriname, Lammings, Sugar Hill, Mellow’s Hill, Spa Hill, Melvin’s Hill and surrounding areas in St Joseph and White Hill in St. Andrew.

Water tankers have been dispatched to service the affected areas and the Authority will also continue to assist residents of the impacted districts via the Community Tanks.

The Authority crews are also today Sunday, December 29th conducting repairs to a burst on a 6-inch main in Fortesque, St. Philip.

The BWA apologizes for the inconvenience caused to our valued customers.

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