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(HUMOR) DLP claim Mottley Administration letting people down

(HUMOR) DLP claim Mottley Administration letting people down

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The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is accusing the Mia Amor Mottley Administration for claiming overseas how all is well here, while the average Barbadian endures hardship.

DLP president Verla De Peiza, speaking yesterday at a press conference at Charlton Chambers, Whitepark Road, St Michael, gave the Government a failing grade, adding it was not meeting the social needs of Barbadians.

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What seat is the illustrious leader of the DEM’s running for again? (SFX: crickets) CLICK FOR BIGGER

The DLP president said the dreaded National Social Responsibility Levy (seen by many as a form of devaluation) – which led to most goods at many supermarkets drastically hiked – as being a necessity for Barbados to move forward fiscally, De Peiza also decried the decision to forgive VAT from businesses…

In the decade long reign of initially a David Thompson then Freundel Stuart regime – VAT moved from 15 to 17.5%, tuition at UWI was no longer free and there was concerns expressed by a number of economists over what was seen as qualitative easing and an apparent of printing of Government funds to cover debts related to paying public sector salaries based on high interest Credit Suisse loans.

In addition, the same DLP, now no longer with a seat in Parliament, never showed the January 2018 Article IV Consultation from the International Monetary Fund right up to Thursday 24th May when Bajans en masse voted out the DEM’s in a landslide in favour of the current ruling Barbados Labour party to 30-nil sweep.

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