In the last three years, Barbadian companies have had funds illegally siphoned in two separate occasions, yet the alarming trend has not served as a wake up call to revise defences – this lack of foresight is dangerous in one expert’s view as the next attack is just a matter of time…

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Ashish Uttamchandani, is the Business Development Manager of PBS or Productive Business Solutions, he spoke with in an exclusive interview and observes with the last skimming incident where one of three accomplices were apprehended, there can no longer be a wait and see approach.

Mr Uttamchandani in his exclusive talk with believes more companies can modernise their software and electronic files, but hesitate either because they feel it is expensive or they are not familiar with the technology.

This reluctance, according to the PBS Manager, creates a dangerous opportunity for those looking for a chance to profit from such a mistake – when that does happen, he suggested to, with cloud bases constructed as they are, who pays the price for that breach?

The PBS executive in his exclusive interview with says attacks like these can be avoided and laying out an investment for reducing the threat is worth it.

Mr Uttamchandani was very careful to emphasise because a firm may decide to buy the best anti-malware or anti-ransomware programs and have the most recent hardware, does not prevent a hacker from trying to scale a company’s firewalls – plus, even in the event it happens anyway, that is when local businesses must have a plan how to handle the aftermath and to do so quickly.

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