World Day of Prayer: Barbados (By Rev. Ruth Phillips President, WDP Barbados)

In the year 2007, I was asked to represent the African Methodist Episcopal Church at a World Day of Prayer meeting which was being convened by Sis. Alison Carter of the Methodist Church, at the home of Ms. Doreen Boyd, a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Other denominations represented were the Salvation Army, the Church of the Nazarene, the Wesleyan Holiness Church and the Moravian Church. This meeting sought to bring some awareness to the almost defunct World Day of Prayer commitment in Barbados.

This was my introduction to the Movement. I learnt that in years past, the Movement was known as ‘Women’s World Day of Prayer‘ and in Barbados; it was hosted mainly by the Anglican Church and the Salvation Army.

Eleven (11) years later, as the President of the Barbados World Day of Prayer Movement, and the Regional representative for the Caribbean and North America Region on the Executive Committee, I know that the World Day of Prayer Movement is definitely more than a worldwide prayer meeting.

World Day of Prayer is celebrated the first Friday in March each year. As we follow the sun in its 24 hour journey, we can see in our minds eye the tens of thousands of local groups in about one hundred and seventy (170) countries all over the world coming together to pray. Each of us can participate in this worship service that has been prepared by women of one country because it has been translated into more than 90 languages.

Over the next few weeks, it is our hope to educate, enlighten and encourage you to the World Day of Prayer and to invite you share with us and work with us as we embrace, sing and pray, sharing a worship that brings us the life and faith of Christian sisters far from us. When the last light of the sun fades from Samoa and the north-western areas of Alaska, the “Amen” heard from those communities will close our circle of prayer for the world.

Please join us during our 2019 Symposium on Saturday 14th September 2019, at the Basil Ullyett Centre, The Church of Christ The King, Rock Dundo, St. Michael, from 9:00 a.m.

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